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Prospect Watch: Call-Up Catch-Up

We are entering that part of the season where a slew of players are being called up due to injury or ineffectiveness. The thing is, we’ve already pretty much blown through the top prospects, so now we're on to the lesser known guys — the deep guys who don’t get discussed quite as frequently so maybe you’ve never heard their name or what to expect from them. Today we’re going to take a look at some of these guys and get a good idea of what kind of performance to expect from these rookies and whether or not a top prospect or…

Prospect Updates and Reasonable Expectations

We are just one day away from having legit “it counts” baseball happening, and I couldn’t be more giddy. I’m getting all of my jerseys ready to put into the shirt rotation, and I’m making last minute add/drops/adjustments to my fantasy teams. Since a lot of my drafts happen insanely early, I have a lot of speculative picks that may not have panned out, and now a lot of answers are pouring in so I can make the right decisions. A lot of these risky picks pertained to impact prospects and whether or not they were going to make…