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The Closer Catch-Up: Fantasy Baseball Week 19

Things to do when you reach 40: rewatch M.A.S.H, enjoy the fact that all of your favorite movies are now re-released in color, recite "Hi hungry, I'm Dad" joke, despise all modern day music, suddenly claim that Sprite is "too spicy." Yeah, so turns out Fernando Rodney ain't about that boring life. The 40-year-old righty has had one hell of a week, and if you wrote him off during the offseason, sucks to be you, because this old tom cat has plenty of purrrrr left in him. In the span of three days, Rodney notched three…

The Closer Catch-Up: Fantasy Baseball Week 18

Great times are waiting. Grab some Bud. Bud Norris gave up another four earned runs against the Blue Jays on Sunday. His total now sits at nine over the last seven days, so um, it's not so great if you grabbed some Bud. Perhaps the song "Who Can It Be Now" should play whenever Norris or Cam Bedrosian take the mound. These two are like the original Odd Couple, only you can't forget Mike Scioscia. The steam coming out of his ears makes for fab-u-lous television, but if you're a fantasy owner, relax! Thanks to baseball's…