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3 Up, 3 Down: Swanson on the Rise

Fifteen games and 50 at-bats are hardly enough of a sample size to draw definitive conclusions from. Even so, this won’t prevent your league mates from jumping on or off a bandwagon based on how a player has fared in his first 10 or so games. Baseball went nuts last year when Eric Thames hit 11 home runs in April. On the other side of recency bias, some of us were giving up way too early on hitters like Anthony Rendon and his .551 OPS through his first 60 plate appearances of 2017. Rendon would go on to have the 13th-best…

Giants Add Evan Longoria, Rays Create a Mess

Tampa Bay traded Evan Longoria to the Giants on Wednesday for Christian Arroyo, Denard Span, Matt Krook and Stephen Woods. The move upgrades the Giants' third base position while muddling up the Rays' infield depth chart. For Longoria, his fantasy value barely moves. He goes from one pitcher-friendly park to another. Both Tropicana Field and AT&T Park suppress right-handed power, but AT&T does so to an even larger degree. The offenses on both teams are subpar. He’ll bat near the top of each lineup. Not a major…