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2018 Dudes and Don’ts: Starting Pitcher Dudes

With all hitting positions in the books, it's time to move to the mound. As was the case with my Outfield Dudes, these players are all going to be down a bit in Fantrax ADP. It doesn't do you any good to have me tell you how great Chris Sale is (especially when it comes to kirigami). The aces will cost you plenty, and you're just hoping they break even and don't bust. The real profit comes from the players you're taking in the middle-to-late rounds that provide excellent returns on your investment. Here are some starters I…

2018 Dudes and Don’ts: The Outfield Don’ts

All right, enough of the mushy stuff! I was 100% positive on the last edition of my Dudes & Don'ts, looking only at my Dudes in the outfield. Well, now it's time for the hate! *Cues up Slayer, starts moshing with himself* Every position is full of landmines, and there are more than a few in the outfield this year. It's like Saving Private Ryan out here. Is that reference too dated? Man, I'm getting old. It's like Hacksaw Ridge out here! Ok, so maybe the war analogies are a bit extreme. It's still just fantasy baseball.…