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MiLB Players Watch-List: NL West

The NL West is in order in part 4 of the series of MiLB players who should get promoted at some point this season (or have been called up recently). MiLB Players Watch-List: NL Central MiLB Players Watch-List: AL East MiLB Players Watch-List: AL Central  MiLB Players Watch-List: AL West MiLB Players Watch-List: NL East NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks 1. Ildemaro Vargas 2B/SS and Ketel Marte SS/2B Ildemaro Vargas is a relatively unknown prospect. He has been in the minors since 2008 and has slowly…

MLB Prospect Breakdown: The Mashers

The one aspect about hitting that baseball fans love the most is power. There’s a reason why fans show up to games early to watch batting practice. It’s not to see the leadoff hitter work on bunting. People love seeing mammoth home runs fly out of the ballpark. That love for power translates over into the fantasy baseball world. If you take a look at the players that were universally drafted in the first round this year, you’ll see one common thing: Power. The players listed below are some of the best power hitters in the…