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Waiver Wire Report: 99 Problems But a Mitch Ain’t One

The theme for this week's waiver wire report is "not sexy." If you're looking for a pole and some Def Leppard music, move along. There will be no pouring of sugar this week. Splenda maybe, but not sugar. Unfortunately, not every week has stud prospects and hot waiver wire adds. There are only so many Walker Buehlers and Mike Sorokas to go around. It would be nice if those type of players were available every week, but that would be unrealistic and turn us into spoiled brats. Even without the high profile names, this…

Spring Training News and Notes

The calendar is changing. Winter is trying to keep its grip on large part of the country, but that will soon be over. Hope is in the air. Baseball season is nearly upon us. Spring Training is here, which means it’s the best time of the year. Many of us compare this time to the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. Like keeping track of the big sales at Christmas, there is also a lot of news going on in Arizona and Florida. After his intersquad start on March 8, Diamondbacks pitcher Zack Greinke said he has a nagging…