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MLB News and Notes: Week of May 7

Protection. It is needed in so many different ways. For fantasy owners, the best protection for fantasy owners is making sure you keep up with news concerning your players, such as hot and cold streaks, and whether an injury may impact playing time or lead to a stint on the disabled list. Speaking of protection, did you notice what happened to Yadier Molina on Saturday? The veteran Cardinals catcher took a 100 MPH foul tip off the bat of Kris Bryant in his groin. Even with all of the protection catchers wear, that can still…

5 Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice Tips

Fantasy Baseball Trade Advice Trading is the best way to make your Fantasy Baseball team better each year.  Face it, after the draft/auction, there isn't a lot left in free agency if you are in an A.L. Only or N.L. Only type of league.  With that in mind, here are five tips I have for you: Don't Send Insulting Trade Offers Remember, the Fantasy Baseball season is a very long one.  You want to be able to trade with every single team in your league at some point in the season.  With that in mind, you can't send awful trade…