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2018 Fantasy Baseball Busts for Standard Leagues

Last week, I rolled out my top sleepers for the coming season. Now it's time to temper my enthusiasm. Collectively, we fantasy owners can get too exuberant about certain players. Sometimes we put too much stock in an apparent breakout season. Other times, we don't give enough weight to the previous season's warning signs. Hidden trends can elude us. Whatever the reason, the hype around certain players can get overheated. I've listed 10 players who are particularly at risk of underperforming based on their average draft…

2018 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Outfield Part 2 (26-50)

Last week we covered the top-25 fantasy outfielders for the 2018 season. However, the outfield position is so deep and there's no way I could fit in all I want/need to write about each player into just one article, so I decided to break up the outfield into three separate articles. In this article, we'll break down outfielders ranked 26-50. A lot of these players come with some sort of concern, whether it's injuries, track record, or lack of experience. However, there's no debating the talent each player possesses. After…