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SuperFlex Hot 150: Join the Revolution!

For over 30 years, I have played fantasy football in nearly every possible format. Without question, SuperFlex leagues provide the best option for alternative-reality zealots like myself. Rankings, positional value, and roster construction vary among players and experts and make the draft, and season, so much more interesting.

In 2020, I hereby refuse to play in any 1-QB leagues or formats that devalue the most important position on the gridiron. Will you join me in the #SuperFlexRevolution?

Last week, my fantastic Fantrax teammates partook in a SuperFlex Mock Draft and answered four fiery questions to provide analysis for readers. Afterward, we wanted to help owners convert to a SuperFlex format. In order to do so, we needed to rank players according to SuperFlex values when drafting.

Luckily, Mick Ciallela (@themick23) and Taylor Lambert (@TaylorSLambert) agreed to join me in producing a SuperFlex Hot 150. All three of us ranked players, regardless of position, 1 to 150 in order to make it easier to draft a team. The rankings are based on 1-point PPR scoring and no TE premium. We hope that all fantasy footballers jump into this format during the 2020 fantasy football season.

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SuperFlex Starting Lineup Construction

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 3 Wide Receivers
  • 1 Tight End
  • 1 SuperFlex (QB, RB, WR or TE)
  • 1 Kicker
  • 1 Team Defense


SuperFlex Acumen and Analysis


Taylor Lambert:

Forget everything you know about drafting quarterbacks. No more waiting until the end of your draft, and no more weekly streaming of the position. This is SuperFlex, and much like the NFL, you’re going to need to spend up if you hope to compete.

Looking at the group’s consensus rankings, we had a whopping eight quarterbacks ranked in the first 50 players alone. As a whole, we mostly agreed on the elite quarterbacks, but we began to differ when it came time to rank the second-tier. Personally, I leaned towards Drew Brees and Josh Allen to round out my top-50, but John was much higher on guys like Carson Wentz and Matt Ryan, locking them into our consensus top-50.

Another interesting observation was the apparent fact that we view the double-digit rounds very differently. Mick, in particular, seemed to be fond of second-string and handcuff running backs. Where John and I preferred to go for depth at quarterback, Mick tilted toward the aforementioned group of guys.

I don’t believe that either strategy is superior to the other, as we all know how crucial depth at running back is to securing a championship ring. Under normal circumstances, I would have sided with Mick and shored up my backfield, but in SuperFlex, for me at least, quarterback is king.


Mick Ciallela:

I am all about SuperFlex leagues and push for this format to be the new industry standard moving forward. SuperFlex leagues require an added level of intrigue and draft strategy that can greatly alter the value of players not only at quarterback but at every other position as well. It became even more evident as I started to create my SuperFlex rankings for this piece.

I have six quarterbacks listed in my Top 30 overall. That would never happen in standard leagues. In those formats, you may see Patrick Mahomes and/or Lamar Jackson ranked that high. Even that is debatable despite them putting up historic numbers in 2018 and 2019, respectively. I prefer to grab a Top-6 signal-caller, so I elevated the elite signal callers a bit. As a result, both Travis Kelce and George Kittle fall out of my personal Top 30.


These SuperFlex rankings will change over the next 90 days, as all rankings do. But I believe the added nuance that SuperFlex leagues possess should lead to wilder swings in a player’s value. To me, that is what makes f

antasy football so much fun. If we all had the same opinions and cookie-cutter rankings, drafts would be less enjoyable.

SuperFlex formats cause you to think for yourself and step out on the ledge a bit. As you can see, John, Taylor, and I have wildly differing opinions on many players. That might not be the case in standard leagues. Enjoy our rankings and join the #SuperFlexRevolution!”

Join the Revolution and play in SuperFlex league this season on Fantrax, which provides the best platform in the industry.

Relish the rankings my fellow fantasy fanatics!

SuperFlex Rankings for 2020

1RBChristian McCaffreyPanthers211
2RBSaquon BarkleyGiants122
3RBEzekiel ElliottCowboys353
4QBPatrick MahomesChiefs534
5RBAlvin KamaraSaints466
6WRMichael ThomasSaints647
7QBLamar JacksonRavens775
8RBDalvin CookVikings888
9WRDavante AdamsPackers1099
10WRTyreek HillChiefs111211
11WRJulio JonesFalcons141110
12RBJoe MixonBengals91812
13WRChris GodwinBuccaneers161314
14QBDak PrescottCowboys181415
15WRDeAndre HopkinsTexans131916
16RBNick ChubbBrowns122020
17RBJosh JacobsRaiders231613
18RBDerrick HenryTitans221023
19RBKenyan DrakeCardinals172217
20RBAaron JonesPackers211521
21WRMike EvansBuccaneers202418
22QBKyler MurrayCardinals262119
23RBAustin EkelerChargers151739
24WRKenny GolladayLions252324
25WRD.J. MoorePanthers192828
26QBDeshaun WatsonTexans242526
27QBRussell WilsonSeahawks272722
28RBMiles SandersEagles282625
29WRAllen RobinsonBears363227
30TETravis KelceChiefs353129
31RBLeonard FournetteJaguars302940
32TEGeorge Kittle49ers313534
33WRAmari CooperCowboys293934
34WRJ. Smith-SchusterSteelers393332
35WRA.J. BrownTitans323736
36WROdell Beckham, Jr.Browns334037
37WRAdam ThielenVikings483430
38RBC. Edwards-HelaireChiefs375135
39WRCalvin RidleyFalcons414341
40WRRobert WoodsRams514133
41RBChris CarsonSeahawks454438
42RBJonathan TaylorColts345242
43WRCourtland SuttonBroncos385344
44WRCooper KuppRams623043
45WRTerry McLaurinRedskins474548
46WRKeenan AllenChargers464262
47TEMark AndrewsRavens565046
48QBMatt RyanFalcons445455
49RBLe'Veon BellJets603658
50RBTodd GurleyFalcons613856
51RBJames ConnerSteelers554853
52QBCarson WentzEagles407047
53WRTyler LockettSeahawks505652
54WRT.Y. HiltonColts634650
55RBMelvin GordonBroncos536051
56QBJosh AllenBills694949
57TEZac ErtzEagles545560
58WRTyler BoydBengals526163
59QBDrew BreesSaints785845
60WRD.K. MetcalfSeahawks428161
61WRD.J. CharkJaguars438854
62WRStefon DiggsBills577359
63QBMatthew StaffordLions586568
64RBDavid JohnsonTexans774769
65WRDeVante ParkerDolphins596867
66RBRaheem Mostert49ers665970
67RBDevin SingletaryBills716265
68RBMark IngramRavens727757
69WRMichael GallupCowboys657171
70RBDavid MontgomeryBears687664
71WRJarvis LandryBrowns707276
72TEEvan EngramGiants678766
73WRA.J. GreenBengals975773
74TEDarren WallerRaiders746787
75QBTom BradyBuccaneers956472
76QBAaron RogersPackers738674
77RBD'Andre SwiftLions966382
78RBCam AkersRams908081
79QBDaniel JonesGiants649694
80WRJulian EdelmanPatriots1026983
81RBKareem HuntBrowns1126684
82WRMarvin JonesLions1107578
83TEHunter HenryChargers839191
84QBJared GoffRams8510180
85WRMarquise BrownRavens939975
86QBCam NewtonPatriots9274102
87QBRyan TannehillDolphins949286
88RBDerrius GuiceRedskins987897
89QBBaker MayfieldBrowns4912799
90WRBrandon CooksTexans10110077
91WRWill Fuller VTexans8810785
92QBBen RoethlisbergerSteelers8211189
93RBKey'Shawn VaughnBuccaneers8011688
94WRDeebo Samuel49ers7911492
95WRDiontae JohnsonSteelers8411390
96RBSony MichelPatriots76102114
97WRAnthony MillerBears75121100
98RBTarik CohenBears1218295
99WRDarius SlatyonGiants8612093
100QBKirk CousinsVikings8711798
101TETyler HigbeeRams8114479
102RBPhillip LindsayBroncos10093119
103RBJ.K. DobbinsRavens10498116
104WRJamison CrowderJets12889101
105RBRonald JonesBuccaneers11783120
106RBTevin Coleman49ers13485106
107RBDamien WilliamsChiefs13784105
108RBJordan HowardDolphins1339796
109WREmmanuel SandersSaints107104118
110RBJames WhitePatriots12779127
111RBKerryon JohnsonLions118109107
112WRSterling ShepardGiants11594125
113WRMike WilliamsChargers99128109
114RBDuke JohnsonTexans109105124
115TEMike GesickiDolphins91115133
116WRChristian KirkCardinals114112113
117TEHayden HurstFalcons103126110
118TERob GronkoswkiBuccaneers105123112
119TEJarod CookSaints15195103
120RBMatt BreidaDolphins14990111
121WRJohn BrownBills106130117
122WRMecole HardmanChiefs111139115
123QBJimmy Garopppolo49ers89132148
124WRJerry JeudyBroncos122125122
125QBJoe BurrowBengals126142104
126QBGardner MinshewJaguars120146108
127QBPhillip RiversColts108137131
128WRN'Keal HarryPatriots116135130
129RBMarlon MackColts125106151
130WRGolden TateGiants138103141
131TET.J. HockensonLions113129143
132QBDrew LockBroncos123149123
133TEJonnu SmithTitans119151128
134RBLatavius MurraySaints151119129
135TEAustin HooperBrowns151108140
136RBBoston ScottEagles151110146
137TENoah FantBroncos135141132
138QBSam DarnoldJets124147138
139WRPreston WilliamsDolphins142124144
140WRRobby AndersonJets130151134
141WRCeeDee LambCowboys148131137
142TEDallas GoedertEagles132148136
143WRMichael Pittman, Jr.Colts129151139
144QBTeddy BridgewaterPanthers147151121
145RBDarrell HendersonRams136133151
146WRHenry Ruggs, IIIRaiders143138142
147RBAlexander MattisonVikings151122151
148TEJack DoyleColts151150126
149WRBreshhad PerrimanJets140140151
150WRCurtis SamuelPanthers131151151
151QBDerek CarrRaiders139143151
151RBZack MossBills151136147
152RBTony PolardCowboys151134151
153RBJustin JacksonChargers151151135
154TEEric EbronSteelers145151145
155WRAlshon JefferyEagles141151151
156WRJustin JeffersonVikings151145149
157TEIrv SmithVikings144151151
158WRSammy WatkinsChiefs146151151
159WRAlan LazardPackers150151151
160QBDwayne Haskins Jr.Redskins151151150

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    Thanks, good stuff!! Nice to see a superflex ranking.
    By the way, ‘Ezekiel Elliot’ and ‘Adam Thieland’ and ‘Kennan Allen’ and ‘James Cooner’ and ‘Zac Ertz’ and ‘D.K. Metclaf’ are spelled wrong. Maybe others, but I lost count.

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