Nasty Cast | Pandemic Interlude and Nasty Cast Update Show

Fantrax analysts Nathan Dokken, Van Lee, and Ron Rigney dissect the wide world of Fantasy Baseball

There may be no baseball, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan for the Nasty Cast going forward! On this bonus show Van takes a moment to discuss plans for the show going forward as well as an update on the podcast listener leagues all while introducing everyone to all that Nasty Trax Pods has to offer. You’ll hear about Atlanta Braves prospects, a ‘lost’ show from ages ago, and be spooked with a Creepy Pasta clip! Tune in for some fun and to find out what the plan is for the future!

If you want to skip ahead to hear certain clips, shame on you! But here are those times anyway:
Intro: Show Update, Podcast League, Fireplace
4:42 Atlanta Braves Prospects from the Fantrax Dynasty Baseball Podcast
24:05 Old Timey Show Clip
32:11 Creepy Pasta Clip: The Bart Jackson Experience

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