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NFL Week 1 Fantasy Points Allowed for DFS and Season-Long Fantasy Football

Much of our job here at the HQ is to help direct people to the incredible product that is our mother-ship, only deals in season-long fantasy sports. So almost all of our content is, of course, focused on that. But who’s to say that a tool can’t be useful for both season-long and DFS? That’s just what my Fantasy Points Allowed aims to do.

In fact, don’t let the higher-ups know, but my Fantasy Points Allowed tool is definitely more useful in DFS, because of the ability to choose from the entire player pool on a weekly basis. It can help you make a decision between two or three players on your season-long roster. In DFS it can help you make decisions between 40 or 50 players.

What is the Fantasy Points Allowed tool?

The basic idea is so simple even a Cowboy fan could get it. Fantasy Points Allowed simply tells you how many points each NFL team gives up to each of the skill positions. It takes defensive stats and translates them over to numbers that are more meaningful to us in fantasy.

If we know that a certain defense gets gored by running backs all the time, then even a marginal back gains value in a given week. In season-long formats, we would then start that back. In DFS we use that back and save money for studs at other positions.

Fantasy Points Allowed is not really new. All I’ve done is take it a step forward and customized for the scoring systems of some of the major sites. The differences aren’t always major, but it’s always a good idea to be as accurate as possible.

How to use the Fantasy Points Allowed Tables

1.  Choose the scoring system you want to use

I’ve got it set up for the two big DFS sites of DraftKings and FanDuel, plus the standard and PPR formats on the Fantrax cash games. If you don’t play on one of these sites, you can use the scoring system (specific scoring is located below the tables) that comes closest to your league. In a nutshell, DraftKings is full point PPR, while FanDuel is half-point PPR. DraftKings also offers bonus points for big games.

2. Sort by the position you want to evaluate

You can sort ascending or descending. Ascending would show you which defenses are toughest on a given position while descending shows you which defenses you can exploit. The left column is the NFL defense in question and the right column lists their opponent in Week 1. You’d want to use players from the opponents of the defenses that allowed the most points to that position.

I’ll use the DraftKings table as an example since it’s the first tab. If you click on FPA-RB, you’ll see that the Bills and Lions gave up the most fantasy points to RBs. Their opponents are The Jets and Ravens. That tells me I might want to give a little boost to Alex Collins and maybe Isaiah Crowell or Bilal Powell. I’m leery of the Jets duo, but Collins just shot up my Week 1 rankings.

That’s it. The Fantasy Points Allowed tool simply gives you a way to focus your decisions by exploiting the weakest defenses in the NFL.

Final 2017 Fantasy Points Allowed

The fantasy points allowed data below is from the 2017 season. Yes, some defenses have changed quite a bit over the offseason. Over the past five seasons or so, I’ve still found the data from the previous season is still the best starting point. Beginning in Week 4 I’ll shift over to data from the current season, and Fantasy Points Allowed takes on more validity each week after that.

  • DraftKings

  • FanDuel

  • Fantrax STNDRD

  • Fantrax PPR

 Arizona Cardinals18.1321.7331.0211.68WSH
 Atlanta Falcons17.8323.4630.4911.33@PHI
 Baltimore Ravens13.3624.9727.7813.93BUF
 Buffalo Bills14.8429.1830.2113.26@BAL
 Carolina Panthers17.8520.2536.8910.59DAL
 Chicago Bears14.2523.1831.4911.09@GB
 Cincinnati Bengals16.3627.3627.2013.89@IND
 Cleveland Browns19.0723.6431.3915.79PIT
 Dallas Cowboys17.8223.1333.9912.42@CAR
 Denver Broncos16.3321.1126.2015.08SEA
 Detroit Lions17.1428.1332.2012.48NYJ
 Green Bay Packers19.6926.0436.8911.29CHI
 Houston Texans20.7522.3234.8915.51@NE
 Indianapolis Colts18.4925.6133.0712.57CIN
 Jacksonville Jaguars12.7823.3722.8010.10@NYG
 Kansas City Chiefs18.3722.2138.5011.38@LAC
 Los Angeles Chargers14.0725.9827.8910.35KC
 Los Angeles Rams15.5326.7130.6412.91@OAK
 Miami Dolphins18.0826.5826.4316.65TEN
 Minnesota Vikings12.9517.8428.909.23SF
 New England Patriots19.0224.4436.5311.94HOU
 New Orleans Saints18.1324.0633.5010.48TB
 New York Giants20.4625.3533.6016.91JAX
 New York Jets19.5525.1932.5412.41@DET
 Oakland Raiders18.8324.6431.8114.92LAR
 Philadelphia Eagles17.2320.0134.3412.22ATL
 Pittsburgh Steelers15.4124.5629.8310.21@CLE
 San Francisco 49ers19.7126.1133.9312.91@MIN
 Seattle Seahawks15.1322.9632.6010.91@DEN
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers18.5826.5938.9410.04@NO
 Tennessee Titans18.2523.2733.8513.08@MIA
 Washington Redskins17.0326.8227.5315.08@ARI

 Arizona Cardinals17.9418.5825.439.15WSH
 Atlanta Falcons17.6419.9324.288.54@PHI
 Baltimore Ravens13.1821.9121.5910.74BUF
 Buffalo Bills14.2825.6423.309.88@BAL
 Carolina Panthers16.9217.5329.437.97DAL
 Chicago Bears14.0620.3125.218.24@GB
 Cincinnati Bengals16.1823.9521.2310.18@IND
 Cleveland Browns18.8820.5824.9212.19PIT
 Dallas Cowboys17.4419.5327.289.45@CAR
 Denver Broncos16.3318.5821.3312.23SEA
 Detroit Lions16.5824.2525.2310.07NYJ
 Green Bay Packers18.9422.3829.777.92CHI
 Houston Texans19.4419.5728.1711.67@NE
 Indianapolis Colts17.3622.6126.889.91CIN
 Jacksonville Jaguars12.5920.3718.247.91@NYG
 Kansas City Chiefs17.8120.1230.447.94@LAC
 Los Angeles Chargers13.8821.8922.338.04KC
 Los Angeles Rams15.3424.0223.869.82@OAK
 Miami Dolphins17.5222.9621.3413.15TEN
 Minnesota Vikings12.5815.2823.066.94SF
 New England Patriots17.8920.9429.228.69HOU
 New Orleans Saints17.0020.6826.197.51TB
 New York Giants19.5321.9827.0113.44JAX
 New York Jets19.3622.4126.3910.13@DET
 Oakland Raiders17.8921.3625.3111.17LAR
 Philadelphia Eagles16.4816.9827.008.81ATL
 Pittsburgh Steelers14.8421.3124.087.36@CLE
 San Francisco 49ers18.9622.6426.779.22@MIN
 Seattle Seahawks14.5720.0225.988.07@DEN
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers17.6423.3831.067.14@NO
 Tennessee Titans17.5019.9926.699.58@MIA
 Washington Redskins16.2823.4121.9711.64@ARI

 Arizona Cardinals20.3115.6120.026.81WSH
 Atlanta Falcons19.9716.5818.626.33@PHI
 Baltimore Ravens15.4819.4116.158.30BUF
 Buffalo Bills16.6822.8617.147.26@BAL
 Carolina Panthers19.4014.8122.896.28DAL
 Chicago Bears16.3517.6219.495.96@GB
 Cincinnati Bengals18.4320.9216.397.58@IND
 Cleveland Browns21.3117.8919.209.35PIT
 Dallas Cowboys19.7816.5021.127.04@CAR
 Denver Broncos18.4516.4216.839.76SEA
 Detroit Lions19.1521.1318.838.23NYJ
 Green Bay Packers21.4719.4823.965.86CHI
 Houston Texans21.9217.5722.769.14@NE
 Indianapolis Colts19.9020.3621.267.82CIN
 Jacksonville Jaguars14.4917.7413.865.91@NYG
 Kansas City Chiefs20.3918.2124.066.19@LAC
 Los Angeles Chargers16.0219.1116.965.91KC
 Los Angeles Rams17.7221.5218.207.85@OAK
 Miami Dolphins19.8919.8916.8110.21TEN
 Minnesota Vikings14.6312.9017.404.85SF
 New England Patriots20.5918.1922.846.38HOU
 New Orleans Saints19.4318.0620.195.86TB
 New York Giants22.1419.3521.3510.91JAX
 New York Jets21.8019.8220.618.23@DET
 Oakland Raiders20.4218.4519.758.36LAR
 Philadelphia Eagles18.9114.1420.786.53ATL
 Pittsburgh Steelers17.1018.8119.265.46@CLE
 San Francisco 49ers21.4319.7321.117.03@MIN
 Seattle Seahawks16.8317.8320.105.98@DEN
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.3020.7224.135.17@NO
 Tennessee Titans20.0616.8920.667.21@MIA
 Washington Redskins18.5720.9417.349.14@ARI

 Arizona Cardinals20.3121.5430.8311.49WSH
 Atlanta Falcons19.9723.2729.9310.76@PHI
 Baltimore Ravens15.4824.4127.0313.18BUF
 Buffalo Bills16.6828.4329.4612.51@BAL
 Carolina Panthers19.4020.2535.969.66DAL
 Chicago Bears16.3522.9930.9310.53@GB
 Cincinnati Bengals18.4326.9826.0812.77@IND
 Cleveland Browns21.3123.2630.6415.04PIT
 Dallas Cowboys19.7822.5633.4311.86@CAR
 Denver Broncos18.4520.7325.8314.70SEA
 Detroit Lions19.1527.3831.6411.91NYJ
 Green Bay Packers21.4725.2935.589.98CHI
 Houston Texans21.9221.5733.5814.20@NE
 Indianapolis Colts19.9024.8632.5112.01CIN
 Jacksonville Jaguars14.4922.9922.619.91@NYG
 Kansas City Chiefs20.3922.0336.819.69@LAC
 Los Angeles Chargers16.0224.6727.7110.16KC
 Los Angeles Rams17.7226.5229.5111.79@OAK
 Miami Dolphins19.8926.0225.8716.09TEN
 Minnesota Vikings14.6317.6528.719.04SF
 New England Patriots20.5923.6935.5911.00HOU
 New Orleans Saints19.4323.3132.199.17TB
 New York Giants22.1424.6032.6615.97JAX
 New York Jets21.8025.0132.1712.04@DET
 Oakland Raiders20.4224.2630.8813.98LAR
 Philadelphia Eagles18.9119.8333.2211.09ATL
 Pittsburgh Steelers17.1023.8128.899.27@CLE
 San Francisco 49ers21.4325.5432.4311.41@MIN
 Seattle Seahawks16.8322.2131.8510.16@DEN
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.3026.0338.009.11@NO
 Tennessee Titans20.0623.0832.7311.96@MIA
 Washington Redskins18.5725.8826.5914.14@ARI

Scoring Used for Fantasy Points Allowed

DraftKings Scoring: | Pass TD = 4.0 | Pass Yd = .04 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6.0 | Rush Yd = .10 | Rec TD = 6 | Rec Yd = .10 | Rec = 1.0 | Fum = -1 | 2 Pt. Conv. = 2.0 | 3.0 pt. bonus for 300+ Yd Passing, 100+ Yd Rushing, or 100+ Yd Receiving

FanDuel Scoring: | Pass TD = 4.0 | Pass Yd = .04 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6.0 | Rush Yd = .10 | Rec TD = 6 | Rec Yd = .10 | Rec = 0.5 | Fum = -2 | 2 Pt. Conv. = 2.0

Fantrax Standard Scoring: | Pass TD = 4.0 | Pass Yd = .05 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6.0 | Rush Yd = .10 | Rec TD = 6 | Rec Yd = .10 | Fum = -1 | 2 Pt. Conv. = 2.0 |

Fantrax PPR Scoring: | Pass TD = 4.0 | Pass Yd = .05 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6.0 | Rush Yd = .10 | Rec TD = 6 | Rec Yd = .10 | Rec = 1.0 | Fum = -1 | 2 Pt. Conv. = 2.0 |

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