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NFL Injury Report: Michael Pittman’s Scary Injury

Nic Civale is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and former NCAA Division I athlete. This week’s NFL Injury Report focuses on fantasy-relevant players who are likely to miss multiple weeks, and how to handle their absences. A large part of roster strategy is knowing what to expect from your players, so let’s take a deep dive into this week’s most relevant long term injuries.

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Week 4 NFL Injury Report

Michael Pittman, WR, IND

The highly regarded rookie out of USC suffered a scary lower leg injury in Week 3. His return to the field at this point in time is estimated to take about 5-6 weeks according to Ian Rapport. Pittman sustained such trauma to his right lower leg that he developed what is known as compartment syndrome. This is a situation that warrants immediate medical attention and in this case, required emergency surgery.

When a person has compartment syndrome, the area of the body affected undergoes an extreme increase in internal pressure. This is usually caused by internal bleeding. Frequently, this is seen in motor vehicle accidents or other high speed traumatic injuries. Pittman underwent surgery to relieve pressure in the lower leg, preventing further damage to nerves and blood vessels.

The good news is Pittman is expected to make a full recovery. The bad news is that he will need to remain out of action for at least the next 4 weeks. If you have an IR spot to hold him, Pittman has the talent and upside to potentially win leagues. He will need to catch fire in his return around mid-season and hope that he and QB Philip Rivers can develop chemistry in a hurry.

Drew Lock, QB, DEN

More information has been released regarding the nature of Drew Lock’s injury. The shoulder injury sustained in Week 2 has been classified as a rotator cuff strain. Lock has avoided any major tears in the throwing shoulder, which lends an excellent prognosis to return in Week 5 or 6. As bye weeks are approaching, he is a good QB 2 to hold on to or to target if you were a believer in his upside prior to the injury.

With the proper rehab, Lock shouldn’t demonstrate any lingering signs of injury upon return. Rotator cuff rehab will likely be based on a throwing program where the Broncos can monitor his response to any game-like situations. They will be fully confident in his ability to throw prior to his return to the field.

Henry Ruggs III, WR, LV

Ruggs III has shown up on many injury reports this year. He is currently dealing with a hamstring injury that is likely to keep him out from Week 4 action. Many fantasy managers were very excited to draft the speedy rookie. There were high expectations for production in a John Gruden offense. For Week 4, we will not expect to see the former Alabama star on the field. However, if there aren’t any major setbacks Week 5 is looking like a real possibility. Ruggs III is a speed receiver, meaning he relies heavily on start/stop and quick turns. The Raiders would be smart to make sure Ruggs III is back to 100% before throwing him back out to the field.

Side note: Bryan Edwards of the Raiders is also likely to be sidelined in Week 4 due to an ankle injury, so if you are looking for a volume based receiver, look to the remaining Las Vegas pass catchers.

Tyrod Taylor, QB, LAC

Taylor will remain sidelined for Week 4. Team doctors mistakenly created a small lung puncture with a pain-relieving injection to the muscles between Taylor’s ribs. Air leaks from the lungs and enters the thorax, hence the title, pneumothorax. Taylor hasn’t been reported to have any significant breathing issues. The limiting factor here is pain. He may also still be experiencing rib pain from the initial injury from Week 1 that warranted the injection. Coach Lynn has been quoted multiple times, insisting Taylor is expected to regain the role of QB1 when he returns.

Dallas Goedert, TE, PHI

Goedert sustained an ankle fracture in Week 3. Bone healing, accounting for full restoration and tissue recovery, takes about 8-12 weeks for the average human. We’ve seen many footballers come back in less time than that, though.  This particle fracture was described as small, and not requiring surgery. This usually means is a non-displaced fracture, which means it’s more of a crack that did not move the bones out of place in any way. Goedert will surely remain playing second fiddle behind Zach Ertz when he returns, but with TE scarcity, he is worth trying to stash at the end of your bench if possible.

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