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Michael Florio’s 2019 Fantasy Football Rankings!

It is that time of year again! Time for you to forget about all your other obligations in life and focus on what is really important: fantasy football championships! Well, maybe it’s not exactly like that, but it is time to start fully prepping! What you were going to wait until August to do so? You could, but then you would just be a month behind! So forget all those pesky little details of real life and dive into my 2019 fantasy football rankings!

Rankings are fun and they are a great tool to help you draft. But I also wanted to explain the best way to use my rankings. There is a reason I like to avoid making overall rankings- and that is because I do not think they are all that useful. Sure, it can tell you who I like more in a nutshell, but if you draft simply taking which player is highest overall, you would likely not end up with a great team. I believe the best way to use rankings is to use them as more of a guideline. I am not saying to just draft whoever you want willy-nilly, but heading into your draft you will have a strategy. As you start to draft players to fit the strategy your roster will begin to take shape. Once it does, you should be constantly analyzing what your biggest needs are, and by that, I do not just mean positions, but that is a big part.

If you notice you are a little weak at receiver, then those should be the positional rankings that you are checking out. If you notice you drafted a lot of players with high upside, but do not have the most proven team in the league, then you should be looking to find the receiver around where you are in the draft with the safest floor. Lacking upside but have a lot of safe players? Look for the player at a position you need with the most upside.

Additionally, using the tiers in my 2019 fantasy football rankings is a great draft tool as well. You know you want to take a running back and a wide receiver with your next two picks but not sure how to prioritize them? Look at the tiers and see which position provides more options in the current tiers. If there are four receivers that are closely ranked on the board, but only two running backs, that allows you to nab the RB, knowing there is a better shot the wideout falls back to you.

Rankings can often be overblown. You do not need to be a slave to the rankings, but rather, should be working interactively with them!

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2019 Fantasy Football Rankings

The rankings below are for Standard, PPR, and Half-Point PPR. Just use the dropdown at each position to select your scoring format.


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Michael Florio is the winner of the 2018 FSWA Baseball Article of the Year and was a finalist for the 2017 Fantasy Football Writer of the Year. He has hosted video/radio shows, written for a number of print and web publications including the AP, NY Daily News and much more!

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