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Keeper and Dynasty Leagues for Draft Devotees

This article discusses Keeper and Dynasty league setups in Fantrax. There are many league setup options based on the level of commitment, difficulty, and strategy your league desires. Be sure to read the introductory article, “Choosing a Fantasy EPL Setup for Your Fantrax League” in order to gain a better understanding of the various “levels” in a Draft Premier League player’s evolution and the league settings that coincide with each level.


Draft Devotee

You’ve reached the pinnacle as a fantasy manager. You’re ready to build and manage a team that spans more than one season. You’re a Draft Devotee. Fantrax specializes in Keeper and Dynasty leagues to give you the utmost Draft Fantasy Premier League challenge. Built for only the most stable and involved leagues, Keeper and Dynasty leagues will have you trading players in the summer, reading youth scouting reports, monitoring the transfer wire daily, and hoarding draft picks. Read on to find out more about your next greatest obsession.

Keeper Leagues

Keeper Leagues can range from fairly simple to very intricate. The basic premise is this: at the conclusion on your first season as a league, you don’t lose all of your players, like you normally would. Instead, you’re able to keep a number of your players for the following season. Now, the rules and restrictions on how many players you get to keep and what you have to give up in order to keep them is where keeper leagues get interesting. For example, are you able to keep players in the same round you drafted them the year prior? Usually, there’s some sort of penalty involved, like requiring you to use a higher draft pick every year you decide to keep a player. Is there a limit to how many players you can keep or from which rounds you can keep them? So, maybe you’re only allowed to keep one player from round 1-3, one player from rounds 4-6, etc.

These are all things that your league can figure out together. But, regardless, you end up with a much closer and more emotional connection to your team when you’re “keeping” players from the year before. Plus, it’s a great way to reward managers who stumble onto great late-round talent in the draft by allowing them to keep those players at a value the following year. These leagues are the basecamp on the way to Mount Everest. They’re a huge accomplishment and take a lot of work. If you want to get to the peak, though, read on.


Dynasty Leagues


And here we are. We’ve reached the zenith, the peak, the be-all-end-all of fantasy formats: the Dynasty League. In this format, you are literally creating your own dynasty team that you will manage for years to come. How is this different than a Keeper League? Oh, child, bless your heart. A normal draft, even in a Keeper League, is usually 13 to 16 rounds (depending on the number of bench spots). In the first season of a Dynasty League, your draft should be at least 22 rounds, if not 25. Again, you are creating a dynasty. So, not only are you drafting for an XI that you can field for the upcoming season, but you’re also drafting future stars who can hopefully win you the league in years to come. And this does mean that many players will simply ride the bench for several years before they debut for your fantasy team. But it’s so worth it when those players blossom, take their rightful spot in the starting XI, and help you to dominate your league for years to come.


Once you’ve completed the first year in a Dynasty League, normally managers keep their entire team. Or, in some cases, they lose just a couple of players. Otherwise, you keep your entire squad. Then, the league has an annual draft in which players transferred into the Premier League and young players can be drafted. First, though, roster spots are made available through drops. Also, since you’re building a dynasty here, you should also be able to trade draft picks and trade players for draft picks.

Hopefully it’s clear that Dynasty Leagues are the most immersive, in-depth way to play Draft Premier League Fantasy. However, you’ll be frustrated if you begin a Dynasty League with managers who aren’t in it for the long haul. So, choose carefully. But once you’re building your dynasty, you’ll understand why this is the ultimate fantasy football experience.


Again, the above league setups are for the most devoted of managers and leagues. If you’re not ready for that level of competition, check out the links below. And if you need help finding a league, reach out to any of the Fantrax EPL staff on Twitter and we’ll get you hooked up!


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