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Joc Pederson Takes His Talents to Fantrax

Joc Pederson is one of the most notable competitors playing the game right now. He knows what it takes to win. Pederson has done it before and hopes to again this season. It’s no secret to this star that it’s a year-round grind that requires his full commitment if he is to be victorious. His extraordinary drive to rise above the competition across the league is one that all should strive for. Above all else, Pederson’s passion for the game is what separates him from the rest.

And I’m not talking about the game of baseball.

Ahead of the 2022 NFL season, San Francisco Giants All-Star outfielder, Joc Pederson, will be moving to Fantrax to play fantasy football. That’s right, professional baseball and fantasy football’s worlds are colliding exclusively on the Faxtrax fantasy platform.

Pederson is no stranger to making thoughtful free agency decisions to continue playing where he has the best chance to succeed. His decision to play fantasy football on Fantrax is no different. The choice is a no-brainer for both Pederson…and you!

Why You Should Join Joc Pederson in Playing Fantasy Football on Fantrax

Features Found on Fantrax

If you find yourself limited in certain scenarios by the settings on other fantasy platforms, then it’s time to move your leagues to Fantrax. The best features Faxtrax offers fantasy football leagues are the features unique to the platform in addition to features most major platforms don’t offer, such as:

  • Override Position Eligibility: No more constrictions on positional designations handed out at the start of the season. You can finally have the option to plug in wide receiver, Deebo Samuel, at running back!
  • Total Points/Rotisserie/Head-To-Head Scoring: All options available for whichever way your league likes to play.
  • Start/End Date Options: Don’t want to compete for a full 17 or 18 weeks? Your league can start and end when you say so. Users can also start a league and draft a new team at any point during the season.
  • Pre-Rank Players Before Draft: Go position by position and customize your rankings to get draft ready!
  • Player Notes: Maximize your draft prep by adding custom notes to any and all players. You can include your own injury notes, hints as to which other managers may be targeting said player, or even reminders to reach/avoid a player based on strength of schedule or whatever other research you’ve done!
  • Duplicate Player Leagues: The ability to have multiple teams roster some of the same players.
  • Draft Pick Trading: You can go “all in” like the Rams and trade current or future picks for today’s top stars!
  • Commissioners Without a Team: Have an unbiased person run your league without any skin in the game.
  • Illegal Rosters and Transactions: Leagues can keep managers in check with rules such as how long a healthy player remains on Injured Reserve, preventing add/drop of the same player to block others from picking them up, and trade veto options.
  • Multi-team trades: Finalize your three-or-more-team trades with multiple managers in just one transaction.
  • Plenty More!

All of the above are key aspects of the Fantrax platform that optimizes the fun of playing fantasy football. It also eliminates any unnecessary drama, something Joc Pederson can get behind. We play to win the game, but also want to have a good time competing all season long!

Custom Scoring Settings As Your League Likes It

Fantrax outright offers default scoring setups to give even the newest fantasy football players a starting point when creating a league. Changes can then be made, however slight. Though, for the more progressive, or imaginative leagues, Fantrax offers thousands of ways to play with the number of scoring options provided.

Your league can start by deciding on playing in a redraft, dynasty, or best ball format. Then, decisions can be made on roster size, minimum starters required, and overall roster construction details, down to specific details such as how many rookies a team can have on their roster.

Once your league decides on all of the above, Fantrax then provides player rankings specifically based on the customization of the scoring settings chosen. There will be clear guidance for each manager as to who to draft, add, drop, or trade based on how your league likes to play!

To top things off, Fantrax also offers fully customizable playoff formatting, as well. Your commissioner can set how many teams make the playoffs, customize the scoring period, and even manually generate certain playoff matchups. However your league prefers to pave the road to a title can be done on Fantrax.

Best Mobile Draft Experience

Fantasy football has come a long way since checking stat lines and tallying scores from newspapers on Monday mornings. It’s even moving beyond setting lineups and managing teams on desktop and laptop computers. With that in mind, Fantrax makes sure to provide the most optimal draft experience through your mobile device.

For Apple and Android users, the Fantrax app is easily accessible in the App Store. Once downloaded, fantasy football managers can join leagues, mock draft, and manage their teams with ease.

When drafting, users will notice how simple it is to follow along with which players come off of the board, which team is on the clock, and then make your best picks possible to build that winning roster. So whether you’re at home, on the go, or even Joc Pederson in the Giants’ clubhouse getting ready for a game, Fantrax makes sure you can manage your way to a league title wherever you are.

Additional Value From Premium Features

If you and your league want to maximize your experience as fantasy football managers, then you need to upgrade to Fantrax’s premium features. There, your league will have more options to expand the customization to better suit your preferences. Commissioners can customize the handling of stat corrections, lineup and scoring periods, more advanced free agency options, and so much more. Those who want to really test their General Manager skills can also try to build a winning team with the challenge of navigating player salaries. All of these premium features will only enhance your league’s experience on Fantrax.

Season-Long Fantasy Leagues Across Eight Different Sports

If you want to expand your love your fantasy football, you can give it the ol’ college try with College Fantasy Football, complete with rankings and analysis on Fantrax. Maybe you’re looking to expand your horizons a bit further! Fantrax also offers customizable leagues for fantasy basketball, both college and pro, fantasy baseball, golf, soccer, NASCAR, and Formula 1 racing.

So what are you waiting for? Download the easy-to-use app, invite your friends, customize your league, and get started today! Win your drafts, win your leagues, and win on Fantrax this season!

Fantrax was one of the fastest-growing fantasy sites over the last few years, and we’re not stopping now. We are the most customizable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich platform in the industry, offering the greatest fantasy experience for your dynasty, keeper, redraft, and best ball leagues. Fantasy sports doesn’t sleep, and neither does Fantrax, with seasons running 365 days a year. Take your fantasy leagues to the next level now at!
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