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Fantrax Gameday Experience Giveaway: Endless Possibilities

In case you haven’t heard, Fantrax is giving one lucky league a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s pretty ridiculous, to be honest. The lucky league chosen for the giveaway gets (up to) 12 tickets for darn near any NFL game they want in 2021. As if that wasn’t enough, Fantrax is also dishing out $6,000 for travel, hotel accommodations, and whatever the hell else you want to do with the rest. All you have to do is host your league on Fantrax. That’s it! Do you want more chances to win? Create more leagues! Bring your existing leagues over from other sites! You might as well go crazy because it’s all FREE. No purchase is necessary.

The winner will be drawn on September 21, 2021. Until then, you can sit back and imagine the opportunities. Since I’m not eligible to win, and I can’t help but imagine along with you, here are some options that have sprung up inside my cranium. In the meantime, give Fantrax a follow on Twitter @Fantrax and on Instagram @Fantraxsport.

Ready to move your fantasy football league over to Fantrax? You and your entire league could win tickets to any NFL regular-season game! Already have a league on Fantrax? Good News; you’re automatically entered! For more information check out our Gameday Experience.

Making the Most of Your Gameday Experience

The “Hangover”

The Hangover Room

We’ll start with the most obvious package. Who doesn’t want to rage in Vegas? The Raiders have an incredible new stadium, so why not head down there and catch a game? This is also perfect if your league mates live in various cities across the country. Flights tend to be affordable, and you can choose from a plethora of hotels on the strip for around $300/night. You could even get the actual Hangover Suite at Caesar’s Palace for around $1700/night if you want to go nuts.  For the full experience you could rent a tiger for a night, but renting Mike Tyson himself might be cheaper for the prices I’ve found online.

There are so many possibilities here for six grand that it’s hard to narrow it down to one package. There’s something here for everybody. You could spend a whole weekend skydiving, ATV riding, dining in the dark, and getting everywhere in a rented Lamborghini for $1,200/day. You’re gonna have a hard time getting your whole league in there, but, uhh, you can take turns driving. If you’re worried about what to wear to the game, you can all dress up as everyone’s favorite head coach, Jon Gruden. That should get you on the TV broadcast.

Of course, you could also have everyone pay for their own travel and accommodations and throw the whole six grand on the roulette wheel and let it ride until you’re all rich. The sky is the limit!

The “Tall Boy and a Shot”

If Vegas is too warm for you, perhaps you could head to Chicago to enjoy a Bears game in the dead of winter. If you really want to prove your toughness, you’ll go shirtless. Up to 12 of you could paint your chests “DAAAAAABEARS”. You can always subtract A’s if you have a smaller league. Bonus points if you strap on some fake Ditka ‘staches. Even more bonus points if you grow one.

Timing is everything if you choose a Bears game. If you want the Andy Dalton experience (and who wouldn’t?), pick a game early in the season. However, more of you are probably excited for the Justin Fields era to begin. It shouldn’t be too long before he gets his shot, but you may want to pick a game later in the year if you want to witness some Fields fireworks in person.


As someone who is not native to Chicago, I had more than a few questions a while back when this came across my Twitter timeline. I reached out to my friend Garrett, who hails from Chicago, and he informed me that what is pictured here is “a happy hour special almost everywhere – a tallboy and a shot for $6.” It immediately reminded me of my college days, but the fact that this is a normal thing in Chicago is harrowing. If your whole league is in Chicago, you could enjoy 1,000 of these tasty pairings with your six grand. I did that math all on my own! However, if you don’t want to die, you could also mix in some of the pictured Lou Malnati’s pizza. Which, I’m informed, is the top of the proverbial pizza mountain.

There’s plenty else to do here whether you’re from out of town or not. There are food tours, brewery tours, and even Odyssey dinner cruises starting at around $115/person. The White Sox might even make a run in October, so you could potentially put some of that cash towards a playoff game.

The “Table Smasher”

Buffalo Bills fans are famous infamous for their tailgating. Getting to any Bills game this year is sure to be entertaining with Josh Allen under center. I’d save the extra money for hospital bills, though, which you’re likely to incur after you try to give a folding table the “People’s Elbow”. Bring an extra liver if you want to join the Bills Tailgate Mafia.

The “Hall Of Famer”

What could be more exciting than strapping on a jersey with tiger stripes and watching Joe Burrow dropping dimes to Ja’Marr Chase in Cincinnati, Ohio? Whether they’re actually any good or not remains to be seen, but as long as Burrow is under center, the Bengals offense is gonna be bumping.

Skyline Chili

While you’re in town, you can have a 3-way! No, not like that. You and your crew can head to Skyline Chili to enjoy their “chili” piled on some spaghetti noodles and covered with finely shredded cheddar cheese – the 3-Way! Decide for yourself if this sauce is delicious or if it’s a crime against humanity. Either way, the adventure will be worth the price you pay!

When you get sick of Cincinnati, you can drive a scant 3 hours and 32 minutes via I-71S to get to Canton. It’s there you’ll find the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Finally, you can ogle some busts without stepping foot inside a strip club or getting slapped.

Or you could watch the Browns, I suppose.

The “Californication”

Do you want to hit up a Chargers game? Are you a Rams fan? Either way, great! Let’s head to Los Angeles, where both teams share the recently completed SoFi Stadium. Both teams are looking forward to an exciting season. Justin Herbert will try to improve on a terrific rookie campaign while the Rams have a new man under center in Matthew Stafford.

I could write about ten thousand words on other things to do in LA. You could head down Rodeo Drive and drop some serious cash on a shopping spree. You could check out the La Brea Tar Pits, visit Paramount Studios, then head to the adjacent Hollywood Forever Cemetary where a famous Paramount actor may have been laid to rest after dying in the Tar Pits. Who knows! Who cares! Have a ball! You’re never going to get an opportunity like this again.

The “Jerry World”


You pretty much either love or hate the Cowboys. Wherever your fandom lies, though, it’s hard to argue that a trip to AT&T Stadium, aka “Jerry World”, wouldn’t be a spectacle to behold. Book yourself a tour of the stadium. You can even go down on the field and toss around the ol’ pigskin. Oh, and there’s the actual game to watch as well.

You can also spend a day at Six Flags in Arlington. Eat some nachos! Ride a roller coaster! Vomit profusely! It’s the circle of life. Wherever you are in Texas, you’re gonna find some great barbeque and Mexican food as well. Maybe you’ll even run into Jerry Jones himself.

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