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Fantrax 2019 IDP Mock Draft: The Rule of Three

Gary Davenport analyzes the full results of a recent IDP Mock Draft to see where and when defensive players at each position start coming into play.

Smart fantasy owners use all the tools available to them when preparing for their drafts. They peruse numerous strategy articles. Check out multiple cheatsheets. And participate in mock drafts—dry runs that give them an idea of where players will be selected when the real thing rolls around.

There’s just one problem though. If you’re getting ready for an IDP league, it’s impossible to come by an IDP Mock Draft. Partly it’s a factor of the relatively (and depressingly) small percentage of leagues that use individual defensive players. There’s also the matter of the draft’s length. If the defensive lineup is more than a player or two, the draft can easily surpass 25 rounds.

I try to host a few IDP mocks over the summer (hit me up on Twitter at @IDPSharks if you’re interested in joining one), but while I can’t guarantee you’ll get a chance to do one of those I can do the next best thing.

I can show the results of an IDP mock draft that was recently conducted at Fantrax—and point out some of the reaches and values that jumped out to me afterward. If you’re new to IDP or just love to hear me write, please check out my Basic Tips and Strategies for IDP Leagues.

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IDP Mock Draft Rules and Scoring

The draft was a 12-team “slow” draft featuring a combination of IDP pundits (including Fantrax’s own Scott Bogman and Walton Spurlin of Fantasy Pros), IDP veterans I’ve competed against for years and folks I’ve never drafted against in my life. It’s a cross-section of both vets and novices—just like you may face in your draft.

The offensive lineup’s a standard setup, starting a QB, two RB, three WR, a TE, a K, and a “Flex.” The defensive lineup starts two DL, three LB, two DB and a “flex.” It’s the most common setup I come across in the I don’t want to talk about how many IDP leagues I play in.

The offensive scoring is the same sort of PPR scoring we all play in so many times each year. The defensive scoring leans tackle-heavy—1.5 points for a solo tackle and four points for big plays like sacks and interceptions.

You can find a more detailed layout of the league rules and scoring here.

Given that I write about fantasy sports for a living, I’m used to offering opinions—and receiving criticism publicly for them.

By the way…words hurt, you jerks.

I have no problem telling you which team in this draft is mine—it’s the Columbus Destroyers, who were relegated to the soul-crushing fourth circle of perdition that is the No. 7 draft slot.

But most of the drafters who agreed to take part in this aren’t professionals, and I’d just as soon they don’t take the flak I do regularly. So rather than calling the teams Team 1 and Team 12, I changed the names to Arena Football League teams from past and present.

Because I can.

The teams in this draft (and their draft slots) were as follows.

  1. New York Dragons
  2. New Orleans VooDoo
  3. Cleveland Gladiators
  4. San Antonio Talons
  5. San Jose SaberCats
  6. Arizona Rattlers (Bogman)
  7. Columbus Destroyers (Me)
  8. Pittsburgh Power
  9. Grand Rapids Rampage (Spurlin)
  10. Milwaukee Mustangs
  11. Toronto Phantoms
  12. Louis Stampede

As an aside, some of the old Arena League team names were really quite good. I attended a few Rattlers games. It was fun. Sorry to see that league fall on hard times (again).

Now that the whats and wherefores are out of the way, let’s look at some observations from this draft. You can view the draft in its entirety by scrolling to the table at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.


This is an IDP draft, so I’m not going to waste a bunch of column space on the offensive players—especially when there are approximately 137 million “standard” mocks already out there. I will, however, offer up three things I saw while reviewing this mock that caught my eye.

  1. Whether it was the Stampede at the back end of Round 9 or the Talons with the fourth pick in Round 10, there were a number of value picks made at quarterback in this draft. Andrew Luck in Round 6 looked like a steal—until so many other QBs dropped so far. That sort of discipline at quarterback indicates fantasy drafters who know what they’re doing.
  2. The Arizona Rattlers made easily the biggest dice-roll of Round 1 with their selection of Rams tailback Todd Gurley sixth overall. If Gurley stays healthy all season, he’s more than capable of living up to that ADP, but concerns about his knee have dropped Gurley out of Round 1 entirely in more than a few drafts.
  3. The SaberCats hit for big value again with the selection of Oakland wide receiver Tyrell Williams in Round 23. Williams is a talented wideout with a 1,000-yard season on his NFL resume who will see tons of single-coverage opposite Antonio Brown. His ADP could climb as the summer progresses, but he’s a guy to keep in mind as a late-round stash.


The single-most asked question of me ahead of IDP drafts is “when should I start drafting defensive players?” By a YUGE! margin.

One mock draft is not a true barometer of, well, anything. But my answer to that question for inexperienced IDP owners is usually to let the first few big names come off the board. Wait for that first significant run on defensive players to happen. That’s your cue that it’s time to take an IDP. You’ll lose out on the biggest names, but you also won’t have to worry about reaching and missing out on value on offense.

In this draft at least, that was Round 6. One IDP (Darius Leonard) went in the fourth round. Three more joined him in Round 5. But over half of the sixth-round picks were comprised of defensive players—including Aaron Donald and Luke Kuechly.

It happens every draft.

Now let’s get to three things I saw at each of the IDP positions. Because the “Rule of 3” from that stupid car commercial or something.

Yep. That’s the one.

Does this mean GM owes me money? I’m pretty sure it does. I’m willing to settle for a reasonable amount in the mid-six figures.

Fair’s fair, am I right?


  1. In the middle of the eighth round, my favorite team in this draft got my favorite defensive lineman in 2019. Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns came within half a sack of the franchise record for sacks last year with 13.5 while facing constant double-teams. With better talent around him and another offseason under his belt, Garrett’s going to get that record this year.
  2. The Talons served up an object lesson in knowing what players are eligible at which positions in lucky Round No. 13. With the fourth pick of that round they selected Houston Texans edge-rusher Jadeveon Clowney, and while his playing status for 2019 remains in question at the moment what isn’t is the value (there’s that word again) this late if Clowney’s DL-eligible.
  3. The next-to-last pick in a 28-round draft isn’t generally one that merits discussion. But the New Orleans VooDoo’s last-pick dart-throw merits a shout-out. Ezekiel Ansah’s 2018 season was an injury-marred mess, but as recently as 2017 he was a top-12 fantasy lineman. If he’s healthy even half of his first season in Seattle, he’s a bargain here.


  1. The Pittsburgh Power got easily the best deal of any team in this draft when it came to grabbing a linebacker with legitimate top-5 upside on the cheap. Deion Jones lost a good portion of the 2018 season to injury, but down the stretch, the 24-year-old went right back to being an IDP stud. Landing him 12th among linebackers in the eighth round is a felony in 11 states.
  2. Khalil Mack of the Bears is a generational talent. A dominant edge-rusher and a former Defensive Player of the Year winner. But in a league with tackle-heavy scoring and without positional eligibility as a defensive lineman, his fantasy value isn’t close to his NFL greatness. Picking him in the ninth round was a reach for the Phantoms—and then some.
  3. Getting late value (one more time and I get a free sandwich) at linebacker is similar to doing so at running back on offense, in that it’s equal parts glorious and tasty. The Milwaukee Mustangs were able to potentially do so after the 20th round with the selection of Anthony Walker of the Colts. Walker posted 105 total stops last year and could easily be a three-down MIKE in 2019.


  1. If you’ve read any of my IDP work over the last decade, then you know I’m an advocate of patience in the defensive backfield. There’s just too much variance and too many players available late capable of becoming weekly starters. While Landon Collins has topped 100 total tackles three of his four NFL seasons (including a 100-solo season in 2016), burning a sixth-round pick on him on a new team coming off his worst statistical season smacks of unnecessary risk.
  2. Not to keep piling on (as I continue to do so), but there were three more defensive backs chosen before this draft ever got to the tenth round. Two (Derwin James and Jamal Adams) are pretty good bets to produce as top-10 options at their position in 2019. The third (Harrison Smith) has done so once in the last four years. NFL great and IDP great aren’t mutually inclusive.
  3. Because the poor horse isn’t quite dead yet, here’s a sampling of the defensive backs who were available late in this draft who have a real chance at a big 2019. Johnathan Abram (R21), Adrian Amos (R22), Bradley McDougald (R25), Minkah Fitzpatrick (R26), Earl Thomas (R27), Ronnie Harrison (R28) and Eric Reid (R28). Kareem Jackson was a top-10 option in this scoring last year, and he wasn’t drafted at all.

I’d like to extend my profound thanks to all the intrepid IDP drafters who participated in this mock and once again extend an invitation to you, Cherished Reader, to hit me up on Twitter at @IDPSharks if you’d like to take a swing at one yourself.

Fantasy football’s sorta like playing linebacker—skill’s a factor to be sure, but the best way to learn is by doing.

I say “sorta” because there are a few differences. I’m probably never gonna make $10 million a year (stupid disagreeable Mega Millions). If I ever weigh 240 pounds it’ll be because I sweat KFC. And you can time me in the 40 with a calendar.

But get to drafting, land that value late and it feels like stuffing a running back at the line.

Without the bruises the next day.

IDP Mock Draft Full Results

It’s a long draft folks. You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headings or you can see where a specific player was drafted by typing their name in the search box at the top.

RndPickOverallPosPlayerTeamFantasy Team
111RBElliott, EzekielDALNew York Dragons
122RBBarkley, SaquonNYGNew Orleans VooDoo
133RBMcCaffrey, ChristianCARCleveland Gladiators
144RBKamara, AlvinNOSan Antonio Talons
155WRThomas, MichaelNOSan Jose SaberCats
166RBGurley II, ToddLARArizona Rattlers
177RBJohnson, DavidARIColumbus Destroyers
188RBBell, Le'VeonNYJPittsburgh Power
199RBGordon III, MelvinLACGrand Rapids Rampage
11010WRHopkins, DeAndreHOUMilwaukee Mustangs
11111WRJones, JulioATLToronto Phantoms
11212WRAdams, DavanteGBSt. Louis Stampede
2113RBMixon, JoeCINSt. Louis Stampede
2214WRSmith-Schuster, JuJuPITToronto Phantoms
2315RBConner, JamesPITMilwaukee Mustangs
2416WRBeckham Jr., OdellCLEGrand Rapids Rampage
2517TEKelce, TravisKCPittsburgh Power
2618RBChubb, NickCLEColumbus Destroyers
2719RBCook, DalvinMINArizona Rattlers
2820WRHilton, T.Y.INDSan Jose SaberCats
2921RBFournette, LeonardJAXSan Antonio Talons
21022WRBrown, AntonioOAKCleveland Gladiators
21123WRThielen, AdamMINNew Orleans VooDoo
21224TEErtz, ZachPHINew York Dragons
3125WRCooper, AmariDALNew York Dragons
3226RBFreeman, DevontaATLNew Orleans VooDoo
3327RBWilliams, DamienKCCleveland Gladiators
3428RBGuice, DerriusWASSan Antonio Talons
3529TEKittle, GeorgeSFSan Jose SaberCats
3630WREvans, MikeTBArizona Rattlers
3731WRAllen, KeenanLACColumbus Destroyers
3832RBJones, AaronGBPittsburgh Power
3933WRDiggs, StefonMINGrand Rapids Rampage
31034RBHenry, DerrickTENMilwaukee Mustangs
31135RBJohnson, KerryonDETToronto Phantoms
31236RBMichel, SonyNESt. Louis Stampede
4137WRGreen, A.J.CINSt. Louis Stampede
4238RBMack, MarlonINDToronto Phantoms
4339QBMahomes, PatrickKCMilwaukee Mustangs
4440WRCooks, BrandinLARGrand Rapids Rampage
4541WRGolladay, KennyDETPittsburgh Power
4642WRWoods, RobertLARColumbus Destroyers
4743RBLindsay, PhillipDENArizona Rattlers
4844RBDrake, KenyanMIASan Jose SaberCats
4945WRLockett, TylerSEASan Antonio Talons
41046RBJacobs, JoshOAKCleveland Gladiators
41147LBLeonard, DariusINDNew Orleans VooDoo
41248RBColeman, TevinSFNew York Dragons
5149WRGodwin, ChrisTBNew York Dragons
5250DLBosa, JoeyLACNew Orleans VooDoo
5351WREdelman, JulianNECleveland Gladiators
5452WRKupp, CooperLARSan Antonio Talons
5553WRWilliams, MikeLACSan Jose SaberCats
5654LBWagner, BobbySEAArizona Rattlers
5755RBCohen, TarikCHIColumbus Destroyers
5856RBWhite, JamesNEPittsburgh Power
5957RBMiller, LamarHOUGrand Rapids Rampage
51058WRJeffery, AlshonPHIMilwaukee Mustangs
51159WRLandry, JarvisCLEToronto Phantoms
51260LBSmith, RoquanCHISt. Louis Stampede
6161DLDonald, AaronLARSt. Louis Stampede
6262DLBuckner, DeForestSFToronto Phantoms
6363LBKuechly, LukeCARMilwaukee Mustangs
6464DLWatt, J.J.HOUGrand Rapids Rampage
6565WRRidley, CalvinATLPittsburgh Power
6666WRWatkins, SammyKCColumbus Destroyers
6767LBLittleton, CoryLARArizona Rattlers
6868QBLuck, AndrewINDSan Jose SaberCats
6969LBDavid, LavonteTBSan Antonio Talons
61070TEHoward, O.J.TBCleveland Gladiators
61171WRRobinson II, AllenCHINew Orleans VooDoo
61272LBVander Esch, LeightonDALNew York Dragons
7173DLLawrence, DeMarcusDALNew York Dragons
7274RBIngram, MarkBALNew Orleans VooDoo
7375LBEdmunds, TremaineBUFCleveland Gladiators
7476DBCollins, LandonWASSan Antonio Talons
7577TEEngram, EvanNYGSan Jose SaberCats
7678WRFitzgerald, LarryARIArizona Rattlers
7779LBMartinez, BlakeGBColumbus Destroyers
7880RBCarson, ChrisSEAPittsburgh Power
7981LBWhite, DevinTBGrand Rapids Rampage
71082RBMontgomery, DavidCHIMilwaukee Mustangs
71183WRHill, TyreekKCToronto Phantoms
71284RBJones II, RonaldTBSt. Louis Stampede
8185LBSmith, JaylonDALSt. Louis Stampede
8286LBJones, ChandlerARIToronto Phantoms
8387DLHunter, DanielleMINMilwaukee Mustangs
8488QBRodgers, AaronGBGrand Rapids Rampage
8589LBJones, DeionATLPittsburgh Power
8690DLGarrett, MylesCLEColumbus Destroyers
8791DLCampbell, CalaisJAXArizona Rattlers
8892DLJones, ChrisKCSan Jose SaberCats
8993WRTate, GoldenNYGSan Antonio Talons
81094DLClark, FrankKCCleveland Gladiators
81195WRBoyd, TylerCINNew Orleans VooDoo
81296DLJordan, CameronNONew York Dragons
9197LBMosley, C.J.NYJNew York Dragons
9298LBJack, MylesJAXNew Orleans VooDoo
9399LBHitchens, AnthonyKCCleveland Gladiators
94100DBJames, DerwinLACSan Antonio Talons
95101DBSmith, HarrisonMINSan Jose SaberCats
96102WRSutton, CourtlandDENArizona Rattlers
97103RBHoward, JordanPHIColumbus Destroyers
98104WRFuller V, WillHOUPittsburgh Power
99105WRDavis, CoreyTENGrand Rapids Rampage
910106DBAdams, JamalNYJMilwaukee Mustangs
911107LBMack, KhalilCHIToronto Phantoms
912108QBRyan, MattATLSt. Louis Stampede
101109LBFoster, MasonWASSt. Louis Stampede
102110LBDavis, JarradDETToronto Phantoms
103111WRJones Jr., MarvinDETMilwaukee Mustangs
104112DLFlowers, TreyDETGrand Rapids Rampage
105113DLHouston, JustinINDPittsburgh Power
106114TEEbron, EricINDColumbus Destroyers
107115LBBush, DevinPITArizona Rattlers
108116LBKendricks, EricMINSan Jose SaberCats
109117QBWatson, DeshaunHOUSan Antonio Talons
1010118QBBrees, DrewNOCleveland Gladiators
1011119RBPenny, RashaadSEANew Orleans VooDoo
1012120LBAlexander, KwonSFNew York Dragons
111121WRHarry, N'KealNENew York Dragons
112122DBNeal, KeanuATLNew Orleans VooDoo
113123WRWashington, JamesPITCleveland Gladiators
114124LBWatt, T.J.PITSan Antonio Talons
115125DLHeyward, CameronPITSan Jose SaberCats
116126RBSanders, MilesPHIArizona Rattlers
117127WRMoore, D.J.CARColumbus Destroyers
118128LBSchobert, JoeCLEPittsburgh Power
119129LBHicks, JordanARIGrand Rapids Rampage
1110130LBAlonso, KikoMIAMilwaukee Mustangs
1111131WRPettis, DanteSFToronto Phantoms
1112132WRAnderson, RobbyNYJSt. Louis Stampede
121133DLHicks, AkiemCHISt. Louis Stampede
122134LBMiller, VonDENToronto Phantoms
123135WRKirk, ChristianARIMilwaukee Mustangs
124136TEHenry, HunterLACGrand Rapids Rampage
125137WRShepard, SterlingNYGPittsburgh Power
126138LBBrown, JayonTENColumbus Destroyers
127139LBOgletree, AlecNYGArizona Rattlers
128140LBWarner, FredSFSan Jose SaberCats
129141DLDunlap, CarlosCINSan Antonio Talons
1210142DLIngram III, MelvinLACCleveland Gladiators
1211143LBMcMillan, RaekwonMIANew Orleans VooDoo
1212144DBJohnson III, JohnLARNew York Dragons
131145WRHumphries, AdamTENNew York Dragons
132146DLBosa, NickSFNew Orleans VooDoo
133147LBWilliamson, AveryNYJCleveland Gladiators
134148DLClowney, JadeveonHOUSan Antonio Talons
135149DBGeathers, ClaytonINDSan Jose SaberCats
136150TECook, JaredNOArizona Rattlers
137151RBHunt, KareemCLEColumbus Destroyers
138152LBKirksey, ChristianCLEPittsburgh Power
139153DBWilliams, ShawnCINGrand Rapids Rampage
1310154RBMurray, LataviusNOMilwaukee Mustangs
1311155QBWilson, RussellSEAToronto Phantoms
1312156TEHooper, AustinATLSt. Louis Stampede
141157DBPoyer, JordanBUFSt. Louis Stampede
142158TENjoku, DavidCLEToronto Phantoms
143159LBCunningham, ZachHOUMilwaukee Mustangs
144160LBDavis, DemarioNOGrand Rapids Rampage
145161DLVernon, OlivierCLEPittsburgh Power
146162DLGriffen, EversonMINColumbus Destroyers
147163RBFreeman, RoyceDENArizona Rattlers
148164RBMcKinnon, JerickSFSan Jose SaberCats
149165WRMiller, AnthonyCHISan Antonio Talons
1410166KZuerlein, GregLARCleveland Gladiators
1411167QBMayfield, BakerCLENew Orleans VooDoo
1412168LBWoodyard, WesleyTENNew York Dragons
151169DLHubbard, SamCINNew York Dragons
152170WRJones, ZayBUFNew Orleans VooDoo
153171DBBaker, BuddaARICleveland Gladiators
154172TEWalker, DelanieTENSan Antonio Talons
155173LBDavis, ToddDENSan Jose SaberCats
156174DLFerrell, ClelinOAKArizona Rattlers
157175LBBrown, ZachPHIColumbus Destroyers
158176LBTrevathan, DannyCHIPittsburgh Power
159177DBBethea, AntoineNYGGrand Rapids Rampage
1510178DBClinton-Dix, Ha HaCHIMilwaukee Mustangs
1511179DBMathieu, TyrannKCToronto Phantoms
1512180DBBates III, JessieCINSt. Louis Stampede
161181LBFord, DeeSFSt. Louis Stampede
162182KTucker, JustinBALToronto Phantoms
163183LBWhitehead, TahirOAKMilwaukee Mustangs
164184KButker, HarrisonKCGrand Rapids Rampage
165185QBNewton, CamCARPittsburgh Power
166186WRWestbrook, DedeJAXColumbus Destroyers
167187QBRoethlisberger, BenPITArizona Rattlers
168188QBWentz, CarsonPHISan Jose SaberCats
169189WRCallaway, AntonioCLESan Antonio Talons
1610190LBSmith Sr., TelvinJAXCleveland Gladiators
1611191LBReddick, HaasonARINew Orleans VooDoo
1612192QBPrescott, DakDALNew York Dragons
171193RBHenderson, DarrellLARNew York Dragons
172194RBSmith, ItoATLNew Orleans VooDoo
173195RBSingletary, DevinBUFCleveland Gladiators
174196LBChubb, BradleyDENSan Antonio Talons
175197RBMcCoy, LeSeanBUFSan Jose SaberCats
176198RBForeman, D'OntaHOUArizona Rattlers
177199LBVigil, NickCINColumbus Destroyers
178200KFairbairn, Ka'imiHOUPittsburgh Power
179201DLHarrison Sr., DamonDETGrand Rapids Rampage
1710202RBEkeler, AustinLACMilwaukee Mustangs
1711203LBCollins Sr., JamieNEToronto Phantoms
1712204WRFunchess, DevinINDSt. Louis Stampede
181205RBHines, NyheimINDSt. Louis Stampede
182206QBMurray, KylerARIToronto Phantoms
183207DLSheard, JabaalINDMilwaukee Mustangs
184208DLQuinn, RobertDALGrand Rapids Rampage
185209DBJenkins, MalcolmPHIPittsburgh Power
186210QBGoff, JaredLARColumbus Destroyers
187211DBJackson, EddieCHIArizona Rattlers
188212DBReid, JustinHOUSan Jose SaberCats
189213WRHardman, MecoleKCSan Antonio Talons
1810214TEMcDonald, VancePITCleveland Gladiators
1811215TERudolph, KyleMINNew Orleans VooDoo
1812216WRCoutee, KekeHOUNew York Dragons
191217LBVan Noy, KyleNENew York Dragons
192218DBPeppers, JabrillNYGNew Orleans VooDoo
193219RBLewis, DionTENCleveland Gladiators
194220WRMetcalf, DKSEASan Antonio Talons
195221TEDoyle, JackINDSan Jose SaberCats
196222WRValdes-Scantling, MarquezGBArizona Rattlers
197223LBWright, K.J.SEAColumbus Destroyers
198224LBYoung, KennyBALPittsburgh Power
199225WRSanders, EmmanuelDENGrand Rapids Rampage
1910226WRCampbell, ParrisINDMilwaukee Mustangs
1911227DBEdmunds, TerrellPITToronto Phantoms
1912228RBSamuels, JaylenPITSt. Louis Stampede
201229DBByard, KevinTENSt. Louis Stampede
202230RBHill, JusticeBALToronto Phantoms
203231DBJones, ReshadMIAMilwaukee Mustangs
204232RBRichard, JalenOAKGrand Rapids Rampage
205233WRSamuel, CurtisCARPittsburgh Power
206234RBPeterson, AdrianWASColumbus Destroyers
207235DBChung, PatrickNEArizona Rattlers
208236DLCox, FletcherPHISan Jose SaberCats
209237QBJackson, LamarBALSan Antonio Talons
2010238TEHerndon, ChrisNYJCleveland Gladiators
2011239LBOnwuasor, PatrickBALNew Orleans VooDoo
2012240DBSwearinger Sr., D.J.ARINew York Dragons
211241QBRivers, PhilipLACNew York Dragons
212242WRAgholor, NelsonPHINew Orleans VooDoo
213243QBCousins, KirkMINCleveland Gladiators
214244LBMcKinney, BenardrickHOUSan Antonio Talons
215245WRJackson, DeSeanPHISan Jose SaberCats
216246DBAbram, JohnathanOAKArizona Rattlers
217247TEOlsen, GregCARColumbus Destroyers
218248QBWinston, JameisTBPittsburgh Power
219249TEBurton, TreyCHIGrand Rapids Rampage
2110250LBWalker, AnthonyINDMilwaukee Mustangs
2111251RBBarber, PeytonTBToronto Phantoms
2112252LBSmith, Za'DariusGBSt. Louis Stampede
221253WRFoster, RobertBUFSt. Louis Stampede
222254WRAllison, GeronimoGBToronto Phantoms
223255TEGraham, JimmyGBMilwaukee Mustangs
224256QBBrady, TomNEGrand Rapids Rampage
225257LBBaker, JeromeMIAPittsburgh Power
226258DBAmos Jr., AdrianGBColumbus Destroyers
227259LBRagland, ReggieKCArizona Rattlers
228260LBBradham, NigelPHISan Jose SaberCats
229261RBBlue, AlfredJAXSan Antonio Talons
2210262RBBreida, MattSFCleveland Gladiators
2211263WRGordon, JoshNENew Orleans VooDoo
2212264RBHyde, CarlosKCNew York Dragons
231265WRGallup, MichaelDALNew York Dragons
232266LBBrown, JatavisLACNew Orleans VooDoo
233267QBTrubisky, MitchellCHICleveland Gladiators
234268LBOluokun, FoyesadeATLSan Antonio Talons
235269WRWilliams, TyrellOAKSan Jose SaberCats
236270WRCobb, RandallDALArizona Rattlers
237271DLCasey, JurrellTENColumbus Destroyers
238272DLAllen, JoshJAXPittsburgh Power
239273LBBrown, PrestonCINGrand Rapids Rampage
2310274TEHockenson, T.J.DETMilwaukee Mustangs
2311275RBDavis, MikeCHIToronto Phantoms
2312276RBWilliams, JamaalGBSt. Louis Stampede
241277DLAllen, JonathanWASSt. Louis Stampede
242278QBAllen, JoshBUFToronto Phantoms
243279DLNgakoue, YannickJAXMilwaukee Mustangs
244280RBJohnson Jr., DukeCLEGrand Rapids Rampage
245281RBThompson, ChrisWASPittsburgh Power
246282WRMoncrief, DontePITColumbus Destroyers
247283LBMarshall, BrandonOAKArizona Rattlers
248284KLutz, WilNOSan Jose SaberCats
249285TEGoedert, DallasPHISan Antonio Talons
2410286WRSanu, MohamedATLCleveland Gladiators
2411287QBStafford, MatthewDETNew Orleans VooDoo
2412288RBArmstead, RyquellJAXNew York Dragons
251289DBAdderley, NasirLACNew York Dragons
252290DBKing II, DesmondLACNew Orleans VooDoo
253291TEReed, JordanWASCleveland Gladiators
254292LBPerryman, DenzelLACSan Antonio Talons
255293DLPayne, Da'RonWASSan Jose SaberCats
256294RBHarris, DamienNEArizona Rattlers
257295DBMcDougald, BradleySEAColumbus Destroyers
258296LBThompson, ShaqCARPittsburgh Power
259297DBSimmons, JustinDENGrand Rapids Rampage
2510298LBLee, DarronKCMilwaukee Mustangs
2511299WRBrown, JohnBUFToronto Phantoms
2512300WRSamuel, DeeboSFSt. Louis Stampede
261301LBBarron, MarkPITSt. Louis Stampede
262302WRCrowder, JamisonNYJToronto Phantoms
263303WRWilson, AlbertMIAMilwaukee Mustangs
264304WRParker, DeVanteMIAGrand Rapids Rampage
265305DLReed, JarranSEAPittsburgh Power
266306QBGaroppolo, JimmySFColumbus Destroyers
267307DLBanogu, BenINDArizona Rattlers
268308DBFitzpatrick, MinkahMIASan Jose SaberCats
269309RBBallage, KalenMIASan Antonio Talons
2610310WRHamilton, DaeSeanDENCleveland Gladiators
2611311RBBrown, MalcolmLARNew Orleans VooDoo
2612312TEWitten, JasonDALNew York Dragons
271313DLNichols, BilalCHINew York Dragons
272314LBJewell, JoseyDENNew Orleans VooDoo
273315WRStills, KennyMIACleveland Gladiators
274316DBThomas, EarlBALSan Antonio Talons
275317TEFant, NoahDENSan Jose SaberCats
276318WRIsabella, AndyARIArizona Rattlers
277319LBBurfict, VontazeOAKColumbus Destroyers
278320DBWhitehead, JordanTBPittsburgh Power
279321RBRiddick, TheoDETGrand Rapids Rampage
2710322DLOliver, EdBUFMilwaukee Mustangs
2711323WRBrown, MarquiseBALToronto Phantoms
2712324TESmith Jr., IrvMINSt. Louis Stampede
281325WRQuinn, TreyWASSt. Louis Stampede
282326TEAndrews, MarkBALToronto Phantoms
283327WRArcega-Whiteside, JJPHIMilwaukee Mustangs
284328LBMilano, MattBUFGrand Rapids Rampage
285329DBHarrison, RonnieJAXPittsburgh Power
286330KGostkowski, StephenNEColumbus Destroyers
287331DBReid, EricCARArizona Rattlers
288332WRSmith, Tre'QuanNOSan Jose SaberCats
289333DBRamsey, JalenJAXSan Antonio Talons
2810334QBDarnold, SamNYJCleveland Gladiators
2811335DLAnsah, EzekielSEANew Orleans VooDoo
2812336RBThompson, DarwinKCNew York Dragons

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A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Pro Football Writers of America who resides in Columbus, Ohio, Gary Davenport has been featured on a number of fantasy websites and in nationally circulated publications, including the USA Today Fantasy Football Preview and the magazines distributed by Fantasy Sports Publications Inc., for whom Gary is both a contributing author and associate editor. Gary is an eight-time FSWA Award finalist and two-time winner who has been a finalist for that organization’s Fantasy Football Writer of the Year award each of the last three years. He won the honor in 2017. Gary also appears regularly on Sirius XM Radio (including live from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIX) and over-the-air stations across the country. He knows football. Or so he’s heard.

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