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Fantasy Football Offseason Free Agent Forecaster: Wide Receivers

Forecasting potential destinations for the top free agent wide receivers on the 2019 free agent market isn’t nearly as easy as doing so for the best running backs that will be available. By my estimated count there are about eight teams that truly need an impact running back right now, while approximately 17 teams could ideally use another notable wide receiver. Of course, there are also more potential starting positions available for wide receivers than running backs.

It’s not a great WR market this year either, so the best wide receivers available may be able to nab bountiful deals for those who have the cap room and can make a stronger push for their services. Teams that miss out will certainly try to upgrade through the early rounds of the draft.

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Potential Landing Spots for Free Agent Wide Receivers

We now look at some potential and speculative landing spots and how they could affect Fantasy outlooks for the 2019 season. This list includes my favorite unrestricted free agents right now. I am taking some big swings here, but ones that are valid based on team needs, offensive fits and available cap room, which could change some as well as the offseason progresses. For this position, we will focus more on potential destinations and narrow them down to our more realistic and/or favorite possible spots. There are a few outstanding names here that will draw the most attention, and I will mainly focus on them. Of course, an Antonio Brown trade would change some things here. If there is any destination you feel I may have overlooked for these guys, let me know on Twitter.

Golden Tate: He is surely the best wide receiver available and should fare better elsewhere than he did in Philadelphia, where he was thrown into the mix after an in-season trade and never really got into the flow. I have heard rumors that Tate does not always mix well with some staff members, so he may be more carefully evaluated by some suitors. But he is a proven above-average possession guy with great yardage after the catch skills. Teams like the Dolphins and Bills could use him to rebuild their corps, as could the Raiders and Redskins. Buffalo and Oakland have more cap room of those four right now. From a pure football perspective, I really would like to see him in Baltimore, where Lamar Jackson could really use a trustworthy playmaker who can advance the ball for him. Green Bay may be the best Fantasy fit for him as a real force opposite Davante Adams. He would be an outstanding add for the Saints, but they don’t seem to have the cap room. The 49ers have money and a need for a truly reliable WR.

Ideal Fits: From a Fantasy angle, we would obviously love to see him in Green Bay. But the Ravens could really use a guy like Tate as a safe receiver for their young, raw QB. San Francisco could be a solid spot as well to combine with the returning Jimmy Garoppolo.


Adam Humphries: He will fit the bill for a team that is looking for a guy who can step in and possibly start right away as a possible preferred option. Humphries makes the key catches on important downs and has some added promise in a larger role than he had in Tampa Bay.  He may be a top free agent target with teams that have the most salary cap space. The Jets have the dollars but he would not be a major upgrade from who they have now. Buffalo has the strong need for a premier wide receiver in their offense and they have the cash, as does San Francisco. He’s another strong play for Baltimore, and could be a really nice complement to Amari Cooper in Dallas. Humphries’ value could skyrocket in Green Bay, or as the No. 2 WR for the Colts.

Ideal Fits: No team has more cap room than the Colts, but do they want a bigger guy or someone with more downfield gears? For Andrew Luck, it may not matter, just get him another quality pass-catcher. We’d prefer to see him with Indy for Fantasy purposes, but Dallas could be the place to go to fill a real missing need and play in an offense that can only get better.


Tyrell Williams: He was inconsistent last year,  and did not contribute enough during the second half of the regular season. But Williams is a tantalizing package of size and speed that will be highly sought after and he has a lot of possible suitors. The Patriots do not have a lot of cap room compared to others as the offseason begins, yet the great lure of winning could draw him there, where he can be exactly what is needed across from Julian Edelman. The Jets could see him as a consolation prize if they do not get Antonio Brown. Williams would be a perfect complement to Jarvis Landry in Cleveland and could boost the outlook of Baker Mayfield a bit. Dallas is an obvious possible fit, and the 49ers could consider Williams as well. Arizona may also see him as a prized add for their young QB. The Seahawks have known to be bold, and he could be the missing big target for Russell Wilson. Going to Indianapolis, though, could stir a huge amount of Fantasy optimism. There ate the teams that are more desperate such as the Bills, Raiders etc., but Williams’ unique blend of size and speed can help him find a spot where he could see more success in terms of winning sooner.

Ideal Fits: I could write a whole article on where Williams might play, but the best places for him to go are New England and Indianapolis, especially the latter from Fantasy perspectives.


Donte Moncrief: He is only 25 years old, has TD potential and just needs an improved situation to possibly break out. He’d be a nifty pickup for New England and could be a stable target for Josh Allen in Buffalo. A move to Cleveland could spike his production and the Raiders should consider him. Washington could use him as a building block and he could also help Josh Rosen in Arizona.

Ideal Fits: We could see him becoming a much more dependable Fantasy guy in New England or Cleveland. But he could also land in a situation where he becomes a featured WR for a team looking to bolster the wide receivers group and would possibly be more productive than many expect.


John Brown: He showed some renewed appeal early in 2019, and could still shine in the right situation. Brown would slide in best as a niche downfield guy on a team with other established WRs and a solid QB situation. He’d be a perfect guy to add new dimensions to the Dallas passing game, and would have more Fantasy potential than ever in Green Bay. The Titans could also surely use him to open the offense up much as Dallas could.

Ideal Fit: Schematically, Dallas is the best pure football spot to land, but in Green Bay, he could become more than just a preferred Fantasy Best Ball choice for the very first time.


Randall Cobb: He could resurrect his career in New England or Indianapolis and may be a consideration for Dallas, too.


Jamison Crowder: Another possible target to help Jackson in Baltimore, or for Josh Allen in Buffalo. The Raiders could also take the chance to see if he can regain much of what he was.


More Free Agent WRs to Watch: Cole Beasley could be very useful for Washington or Buffalo. …  Devin Funchess would give the Seahawks needed size at WR and can provide the Browns with another big target on important downs and in the red zone. … Dontrelle Inman could be a cheaper option for rebuilders like the Dolphins and Redskins. … Phillip Dorsett could be considered by a team looking for speed such as Dallas, or for the pass-catching starved Redskins.

Scott Engel is a 20-plus year veteran of the Fantasy Sports industry as a national writer, broadcaster and managing editor. He is an inaugural member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association’s Hall of Fame.

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