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Fantasy Football ADP Report

ADP (average draft position) is one of the most common terms you will hear when preparing for fantasy football drafts. It is often considered a barometer of how fantasy managers feel about each available asset in the pool. While it is an oversimplification to equate ADP to rankings, it is still helpful for fantasy managers to utilize. I have compiled recent ADP data from 10 different sites to get a cross-section of fantasy managers on different platforms. The top 300 players are listed in the ADP report below. This is still very much an inexact science, as I will touch on shortly. But it should provide managers with another tool to use when making their player evaluations. I will also highlight some players who have seen a change in their perceived values in recent weeks to add some more context.

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ADP Notes

Most of the time, ADP is largely dependent on league settings. As I mentioned, I pulled ADP data from 10 different sites to create this report. But there are often wide disparities from site to site. Keep that in mind when working on your rankings and cheat sheets. Though I have pulled a fairly comprehensive sample, there are major differences between leagues, and even sites themselves. Some of the outfits included in the report use standard scoring, while others prefer PPR. At least one of the sites features tight end premium scoring, while others incorporate SuperFlex into their platforms. Some have Best Ball leagues, and others have unceremoniously gotten rid of kickers and/or D/ST positions. All of these varying league settings have a direct impact on player value as well as ADP.

I listed the Fantrax ADP for both standard and PPR formats and separated them from the 10-site sample. I did this for a couple of reasons. First, I truly believe you should at least try out our leagues if you haven’t already. On top of ridiculously customizable settings, we are giving away an incredible trip for an entire fantasy football league! Secondly, we have ADP data for both standard and PPR leagues. Not every site does this. I think that seeing our data for both formats will help fantasy managers distinguish how a player may be valued in one format versus another. The other reason is to highlight why ADP data is flawed to a degree. Yes, even ours. One of the great things about Fantrax also leads to a bit of a glitch in our ADP.

Our leagues open early. Like, almost immediately after the Super Bowl early. A solid two months before the NFL Draft early. That is a great feature for fantasy managers seeking a constant fix of fantasy football. But it does skew some of the ADP numbers a bit. Six months ago, James Robinson was just coming off a rookie season in which he finished as a top-eight fantasy running back in nearly every format. We did not know at the time that Jacksonville would be drafting a running back in the first round of this year’s draft. In Fantrax leagues where drafts took place before the NFL Draft, Robinson was an understandably hot commodity. As a result, Robinson has a much lower ADP on our site than he does in the consensus. Some sites do not even open their platforms until late spring.

Other players are in a similar situation as Robinson. Examples include Raheem Mostert, Melvin Gordon, Tyler Boyd, Christian Kirk, and Jamison Crowder to name a few. The draft stock of these players began to dip following the NFL Draft based on the potential replacements (or at the very least players who will likely cut into their workload) drafted by their NFL teams. I do not find any of the rankings on the players I just mentioned to be egregiously out of whack, but there are a couple that are admittedly out there. Benny Snell is the most glaring example of this that I have found. His ADP is much lower on our site than on any other. Again, the primary factor is that Pittsburgh had not yet drafted Najee Harris, and it was widely known that they were not going to retain the services of James Conner.

Fantasy Football ADP Report

PlayerTeamConsensus RankPosition RankMinimum ADPMaximum ADPFantrax StandardFantrax PPR
Christian McCaffreyCAR1RB11111
Dalvin CookMIN2RB22222
Derrick HenryTEN3RB33534
Alvin KamaraNO4RB43443
Saquon BarkleyNYG5RB551155
Travis KelceKC6TE1312109
Jonathan TaylorIND7RB651176
Ezekiel ElliottDAL8RB751487
Tyreek HillKC9WR17151210
Austin EkelerLAC10RB87161812
Davante AdamsGB11WR2714911
Nick ChubbCLE12RB981468
Stefon DiggsBUF13WR39191314
Aaron JonesGB14RB108171113
DeAndre HopkinsARI15WR414241716
Najee HarrisPIT16RB1116261415
Antonio GibsonWAS17RB1215311519
Calvin RidleyATL18WR515292220
Joe MixonCIN19RB1315282117
DK MetcalfSEA20WR616331918
Patrick MahomesKC21QB17351625
Darren WallerLV22TE27322521
Justin JeffersonMIN23WR718262326
A.J. BrownTEN24WR814302422
George KittleSF25TE315282024
Clyde Edwards-HelaireKC26RB1421293323
D'Andre SwiftDET27RB1520393527
Keenan AllenLAC28WR924343028
Terry McLaurinWAS29WR1028453833
Josh AllenBUF30QB210493136
J.K. DobbinsBAL31RB1626422630
Allen RobinsonCHI32WR1127434132
David MontgomeryCHI33RB1726563231
CeeDee LambDAL34WR1227514237
Miles SandersPHI35RB1831482834
Mike EvansTB36WR1332623438
Chris CarsonSEA37RB1934552935
Amari CooperDAL38WR1430494639
Kyler MurrayARI39QB323563645
Robert WoodsLAR40WR1533535141
Julio JonesTEN41WR1631523740
Lamar JacksonBAL42QB425535350
Josh JacobsLV43RB2036582729
Chris GodwinTB44WR1736604443
Michael ThomasNO45WR1830666962
Kyle PittsATL46TE427645755
Dak PrescottDAL47QB536624359
Mark AndrewsBAL48TE541656654
Adam ThielenMIN49WR1943594044
Cooper KuppLAR50WR2041655948
Tyler LockettSEA51WR2140604749
D.J. MooreCAR52WR2239686047
Travis EtienneJAX53RB2142668560
T.J. HockensonDET54TE636665861
Justin HerbertLAC55QB618815670
Diontae JohnsonPIT56WR2348765551
Russell WilsonSEA57QB741755269
Mike DavisATL58RB2246747952
Myles GaskinMIA59RB2347685042
Kareem HuntCLE60RB2454704546
Ja'Marr ChaseCIN61WR2443866556
Kenny GolladayNYG62WR2551804958
Brandon AiyukSF63WR2650747363
Aaron RodgersGB64QB840954881
Tee HigginsCIN65WR2745967564
Javonte WilliamsDEN66RB2555876257
Chase ClaypoolPIT67WR2858796875
Chase EdmondsARI68RB2662927165
Odell BeckhamCLE69WR2957976468
James RobinsonJAX70RB2751973953
Dallas GoedertPHI71TE7619012293
Tom BradyTB72QB9501027792
JuJu Smith-SchusterPIT73WR3067918176
Courtland SuttonDEN74WR3166989577
Robby AndersonCAR75WR32611088978
D.J. CharkJAX76WR33711048273
Noah FantDEN77TE87110310882
Raheem MostertSF78RB28771015471
DeVonta SmithPHI79WR34681147466
Cam AkersLAR80RB2915NR345393
Jalen HurtsPHI81QB10691159191
Matthew StaffordLAR82QB11711119299
Melvin GordonDEN83RB30711186172
Ryan TannehillTEN84QB125611187102
Darrell HendersonLAR85RB31501406767
Jerry JeudyDEN86WR35691209787
Leonard FournetteTB87RB32651177285
Deebo SamuelSF88WR36721339884
Michael CarterNYJ89RB33751327074
Tyler BoydCIN90WR37741227680
Trey SermonSF91RB347013613696
Joe BurrowCIN92QB137211088101
Will FullerMIA93WR388311210186
Logan ThomasWAS94TE97113410394
Brandin CooksHOU95WR398211710088
Damien HarrisNE96RB35811658489
Ronald JonesTB97RB36671316379
Curtis SamuelWAS98WR4085119113100
Robert TonyanGB99TE1090121141124
David JohnsonHOU100RB37811337883
Zack MossBUF101RB3891135107109
Antonio BrownTB102WR4182142102104
James ConnerARI103RB39911208695
Marquise BrownBAL104WR4286139106105
Jarvis LandryCLE105WR43911268090
Los Angeles RamsLAR106D/ST170NR105107
Tyler HigbeeLAR107TE1174174150126
Kenyan DrakeLV108RB40941288398
Laviska ShenaultJAX109WR4478188120103
Mike GesickiMIA110TE1295129123127
Trevor LawrenceJAX111QB1467129166137
A.J. DillonGB112RB41961399097
Irv Smith Jr.MIN113TE1377134158132
Jaylen WaddleMIA114WR4596147117108
Michael Pittman Jr.IND115WR4685174112113
Michael GallupDAL116WR4773161129106
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTB117D/ST265NR140134
Pittsburgh SteelersPIT118D/ST377NR99114
Washington Football TeamWAS119D/ST475NR130140
Matt RyanATL120QB1598151121125
Mike WilliamsLAC121WR4877193125118
Tony PollardDAL122RB42112162133117
Baltimore RavensBAL123D/ST582NR104131
Gus EdwardsBAL124RB43110176119116
Darnell MooneyCHI125WR4999175149136
Marvin JonesJAX126WR50115173132129
Nyheim HinesIND127RB44111163126110
Harrison ButkerKC128K181NR153151
Rob GronkowskiTB129TE1410717394130
Kirk CousinsMIN130QB16106174152138
Jamaal WilliamsDET131RB45115168135120
Devin SingletaryBUF132RB4612215396112
DeVante ParkerMIA133WR5110418193111
Mecole HardmanKC134WR5292179187143
Hunter HenryNE135TE15120160148146
Baker MayfieldCLE136QB17127154142142
Corey DavisNYJ137WR53108201114115
T.Y. HiltonIND138WR54115184111128
Henry RuggsLV139WR55112183134135
Jonnu SmithNE140TE16110198127148
Justin FieldsCHI141QB1886164172156
Justin TuckerBAL142K277NR138133
Deshaun WatsonHOU143QB1987176213258
Evan EngramNYG144TE17114208110123
Younghoe KooATL145K367NR144150
San Francisco 49ersSF146D/ST697NR160160
Indianapolis ColtsIND147D/ST776NR115144
Latavius MurrayNO148RB47125221109121
Tua TagovailoaMIA149QB20118177159152
Trey LanceSF150QB2194191184158
Cole BeasleyBUF151WR56118170116122
Alexander MattisonMIN152RB48131190128139
J.D. McKissicWAS153RB49125199124119
Carson WentzIND154QB22109194246312
Buffalo BillsBUF155D/ST8103NR155164
Russell GageATL156WR57105214215147
Ben RoethlisbergerPIT157QB23131186137167
Adam TrautmanNO158TE18110206265185
Gabriel DavisBUF159WR58122NR174174
Kenneth GainwellPHI160RB50138NR200166
Tyler BassBUF161K479NR186190
Jared CookLAC162TE19104200190177
Derek CarrLV163QB24125196210173
Daniel JonesNYG164QB25113213270170
Jalen ReagorPHI165WR59127241218161
Greg ZuerleinDAL166K5104NR201201
Jason SandersMIA167K695NR182189
Rashod BatemanBAL168WR60112237167153
Ryan FitzpatrickWAS169QB26126209169149
Elijah MooreNYJ170WR61131NR162145
Eric EbronPIT171TE20133203255264
James WhiteNE172RB51155236180157
Tarik CohenCHI173RB52148212193176
Nelson AgholorNE174WR62131210250165
Emmanuel SandersBUF175WR63134218254203
New Orleans SaintsNO176D/ST9105NR239224
New England PatriotsNE177D/ST10138NR238202
Phillip LindsayHOU178RB53146215209192
Zach ErtzPHI179TE21142226118169
Zach WilsonNYJ180QB2788230212182
Austin HooperCLE181TE22154207243194
Rodrigo BlankenshipIND182K770NR202183
Cole KmetCHI183TE23147216258207
Sam DarnoldCAR184QB28130NR262187
Tevin ColemanNYJ185RB54136200197168
Cleveland BrownsCLE186D/ST11127NR271244
Gerald EverettSEA187TE24124244198193
John BrownLV188WR64148NR131162
Giovani BernardTB189RB55159NR206188
Blake JarwinDAL190TE25137220251197
Miami DolphinsMIA191D/ST1283NR185178
Rashaad PennySEA192RB56141NR147163
Sterling ShepardNYG193WR65153NR154155
Ryan SuccopTB194K8105NR274287
Tre'Quan SmithNO195WR66127257240217
Chuba HubbardCAR196RB57154NR164171
Christian KirkARI197WR67152NR157159
A.J. GreenARI198WR68145239260236
Parris CampbellIND199WR69140NR245208
Amon-Ra St. BrownDET200WR70174NR183198
Kansas City ChiefsKC201D/ST13141NR284245
Damien WilliamsCHI202RB58165NR146191
Cam NewtonNE203QB29142229234226
Wil LutzNO204K9151NR222223
Jared GoffDET205QB30135241253209
Jamison CrowderNYJ206WR71163242139141
Jameis WinstonNO207QB31140250264222
Rondale MooreARI208WR72119NR178175
Taysom HillNO209QB32154222145196
Anthony FirkserTEN210TE26146262225172
Darrynton EvansTEN211RB59168NR177221
Denver BroncosDEN212D/ST14130NR291280
Terrace MarshallCAR213WR73168NR195216
Jakobi MeyersNE214WR74145NR320281
Breshad PerrimanDET215WR75159NR223227
Sammy WatkinsBAL216WR76171NR256278
Marlon MackIND217RB60157NR151186
Daniel Carlson-218K1086NRNR199
Allen LazardGB219WR77190NR173205
Jason MyersSEA220K11116NR311325
Darrel WilliamsKC221RB61183NR241232
Matt GayLAR222K12131NR310327
Chris BoswellPIT223K13150NR279349
Rhamondre StevensonNE224RB62185NR277288
Denzel MimsNYJ225WR78190NR205204
Brandon McManusDEN226K14129NR228231
Mason CrosbyGB227K15162NR293344
Dallas CowboysDAL228D/ST15146NR257259
Chicago BearsCHI229D/ST16178NR280260
Matt PraterARI230K16181NR295348
Kadarius ToneyNYG231WR79182NR163211
Hayden HurstATL232TE27190NR203200
Arizona CardinalsARI233D/ST17136NR247284
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGB234WR80172NR283313
Green Bay PackersGB235D/ST18157NR230253
Cairo SantosCHI236K17142NR315358
Devontae BookerNYG237RB63176NR268230
Tyrell WilliamsDET238WR81164NR278283
O.J. HowardTB239TE28182NR170228
New York GiantsNYG240D/ST19178NR276336
Robbie GouldSF241K18169NR289361
Minnesota VikingsMIN242D/ST20202NR305293
Seattle SeahawksSEA243D/ST21176NR196210
Amari RodgersGB244WR82189NR324345
Bryan EdwardsLV245WR83155NR217269
Dalton SchultzDAL246TE29217NRNR286
Los Angeles ChargersLAC247D/ST22210NR302318
Jimmy GaroppoloSF248QB33206NR261301
Todd Gurley-249RB64190NRNR215
Dawson KnoxBUF250TE30209NRNR308
Jerick McKinnonKC251RB65207NR292323
Mac JonesNE252QB34131NR287311
Philadelphia EaglesPHI253D/ST23151NR319366
Joshua KelleyLAC254RB66218NR191238
Carolina PanthersCAR255D/ST24185NR296331
Jeff WilsonSF256RB67177NR221218
Salvon AhmedMIA257RB68212NR181214
Malcolm BrownMIA258RB69199NR242275
DeSean JacksonLAR259WR84197NR236274
Samaje PerineCIN260RB70202NR286319
Demarcus RobinsonKC261WR85183NRNR237
Sony MichelNE262RB71215NR227220
Wayne GallmanSF263RB72220NR248267
Teddy BridgewaterDEN264QB35221NR285305
Randall CobbGB265WR86167NR281320
Drew LockDEN266QB36201NR189299
Josh ReynoldsTEN267WR87208NR263263
Tennessee TitansTEN268D/ST25215NR156154
Dustin HopkinsWAS269K19228NR231386
Dan ArnoldCAR270TE31204NRNR294
Nico CollinsHOU271WR88201NR161181
Byron PringleKC272WR89214NRNR270
Boston ScottPHI273RB73222NR211225
Pat FreiermuthPIT274TE32172NRNR298
Benny Snell Jr.PIT275RB74226NR165184
Le'Veon Bell-276RB75141NRNR252
Detroit LionsDET277D/ST26253NR338380
Justin JacksonLAC278RB76240NR259303
Tim TebowJAX279TE33170NR232213
Tim PatrickDEN280WR90224NR275304
K.J. HamlerDEN281WR91194NR323362
Jordan LoveGB282QB37203NR331295
Andy DaltonCHI283QB38228NRNR302
Cincinnati BengalsCIN284D/ST27249NRNRNR
Jacksonville JaguarsJAX285D/ST28272NR326363
Quintez CephusDET286WR92242NRNR290
Mark IngramHOU287RB77207NR237276
Jimmy GrahamCHI288TE34232NR194242
Travis FulghamPHI289WR93213NR249279
Kendrick BourneNE290WR94244NR325356
Hunter RenfrowLV291WR95229NR321335
Donovan Peoples-JonesCLE292WR96227NRNR277
Jordan AkinsHOU293TE35235NR175179
Adrian Peterson-294RB78272NRNR235
Kyle RudolphNYG295TE36268NRNR256
David NjokuCLE296TE37260NRNR332
Chris EvansCIN297RB79305NRNR322
Matt BreidaBUF298RB80253NRNR262
Jacob HollisterBUF299TE38313NRNRNR
Deonte HarrisNO300WR97239NR282341

“A” Stands for Average

I know, super helpful. For my next trick, I will explain what a touchdown is. We all understand that ADP is merely an average of where a certain player is being drafted. And yet you will constantly see fantasy managers who are afraid to pick a player because they don’t want to be “too early”. Here’s the thing, though. “Average” means just that – average. Pretend Player X was drafted 20th in three straight drafts, and Player Y was drafted 18th, 19th, and 22nd. If you relied solely on ADP, Player X would be considered the more coveted pick. But if fantasy managers drafted Player Y before Player X two out of every three times, wouldn’t it stand to reason that Player Y holds more value? Do not solely rely on ADP to make draft-day decisions.

Even though I have a large sample, there are still outliers that can have a profound impact on the results. For example, Justin Herbert is listed 55th overall and sixth among quarterbacks. But his stock is boosted to a degree because his ADP on one site is 18th overall. If not for that, he would fall below Russell Wilson overall on the consensus report. Damien Harris has an overall ADP of 96th. He is going inside the top-100 on eight of the nine sites I used in the sample. In the ninth, his ADP is 165. He would surely jump up a few spots overall if it were not for that outlier. If I can easily find examples of these outliers among a nine-site group, you can see how flawed a strategy it is to draft based on a singular ADP data point.

Timing is Everything

Another factor to consider is time, as in when these ADP data reports are generated. The site that has Damien Harris at 165th overall also has Cam Akers at 25th overall. Akers tore his Achilles tendon three weeks ago and is out for the season. And the site with him at 25th overall is not alone in their tardiness. Akers’ overall ADP in each of the nine sites I polled is as follows: 15, 21, 25, 50, 51, 54, 223, 254, NR. As you can see, some sites update their ADP data more frequently than others. Considering that ADP data is constantly changing, especially at this time of year, you are giving your league mates an edge on draft day if you are relying on outdated ADP numbers. For what it’s worth, we have adjusted our ADP on Akers.

With every sound bite from a coach or highlight-reel play from training camp (or both in the case of Bryan Edwards), the pendulum can swing on a player’s ADP. August is prime time for every buzzworthy sleeper to make a play that sends social media into a tizzy. To that end, I am submitting one more nugget in the ADP report below and giving credit to another site in the process. The NFFC has ADP data that is easily sortable by date range. So I took the last 21 days of ADP data and compared that to the prior 21 days to get a sense of the players who are rising and falling in recent drafts. I went by percentage relative to ADP rather than the number of places a player moved. Davante Adams rising from 15 to 10 is more significant than Emmanuel Sanders going from 176 to 166, for example.

NFFC Biggest ADP Risers

Randall Cobb (from 512 to 220) –Aaron Rodgers showed up at Packers training camp on July 27, and his return created several ADP ripples. His own ADP has gone from 84 to 74 in the last three weeks. That was not enough to crack the top-10 of this list. But Rodgers helped Randall Cobb to the top spot by orchestrating Cobb’s return to Green Bay. Cobb is not the only Packer who received a Rodgers bump, as we will see shortly.

Darrell Henderson (from 123 to 53) – When Cam Akers was lost for the season, fantasy managers gravitated towards Henderson. Henderson may not be able to fill Akers’ shoes by himself (teaser), the third-year back should be primed for a large role in a potent offense.

Marquez Callaway (from 455 to 234) – On July 23, word came out that Saints star receiver Michael Thomas would miss regular-season games due to his bum ankle. Thomas had surgery in June when many had assumed his ailment had progressed past the point where surgery was required. Thomas may very well be out until November. The Saints are not exactly flush with depth at wide receiver, and Marquez Callaway is a candidate to see a significant uptick in targets early on in the season.

Davante Adams (from 15 to 10) – Adams had slipped into the second round with fantasy managers fearful that Rodgers would not suit up for the Packers this year. Those who were able to secure Adams at that spot should enjoy the bargain because that window has slammed shut. Adams has an ADP of 10 over the last three weeks, and his ADP is 7th overall since the day Rodgers showed up at camp.

Xavier Jones (from 286 to 196) – This is another byproduct of the injury to Cam Akers. Darrell Henderson figures to be the primary beneficiary, but many question whether he will be able to handle a full workload. Xavier Jones was an undrafted free agent who played exactly zero offensive snaps for the Rams last year. I do not believe he has very much upside, but he could be an asset depending on how much weight Sean McVay chooses to put on Henderson’s shoulders.

Donovan Peoples-Jones (from 474 to 325) – Everyone else on this list has seen their ADP rise in recent weeks due to a football transaction that correlates to their on-field opportunities. Donovan Peoples-Jones, however, is a product of the good ol’ hype machine. The second-year Browns wideout has been one of the stars of training camp. DPJ was rarely used last season but produced when called upon as a situational deep threat. He turned 20 targets into 304 receiving yards as a rookie. Extrapolating that to a bigger role is enticing, but I’m just not convinced that happens this season. Odell Beckham is back to command the lion’s share of targets, and Jarvis Landry and Rashard Higgins remain. The Browns are also still a run-first offense. Peoples-Jones has the kind of upside we want at the tail end of drafts. Just don’t draft him assuming full-time snaps or targets.

Green Bay Team Kicker (from 399 to 286) – This is easily my favorite ADP riser. Yes, I support kickers being included in fantasy football. People complain that kickers are too random. Guess what? So is almost everything else in football. How many times does a backup running back or tight end vulture a touchdown? How often does a team give up two early scores, thus relegating their running backs into glorified bystanders while their passing game goes into overdrive while operating in catch-up mode? Stuff like this happens all the time, so stop complaining about kickers. Do you know why Green Bay’s kicker has jumped over 100 spots in the last week? It’s because Aaron Rodgers is back. An offense’s general prowess has just as big an impact on kicker scoring as it does for other positions. Hence, not random.

Tre’Quan Smith (from 183 to 145) – As was the case with Marquez Callaway, Tre’Quan Smith should directly benefit from Michael Thomas’s missing early-season snaps. Callaway is just ranked higher because he had more wiggle room to climb. Smith is currently battling a leg injury, so his status as the team’s de facto number-one wideout could be a bit tenuous depending on the severity. But if he is healthy come Week 1, I would favor him slightly over Callaway.

Aaron Jones (from 16 to 13) – Not a huge leap here, but Aaron Jones has started to creep back to being a first-round fantasy pick with his starting quarterback back in tow. As with Davante Adams, anyone who was routinely getting Jones in the second round in July should reap the rewards.

Anthony Miller (from 449 to 377) – The Bears traded wide receiver Anthony Miller to Houston back on July 24. They did so once it was obvious that Darnell Mooney was their best option behind Allen Robinson. Most fantasy managers are in on Mooney as well, which is why he is not on this list. His ADP has only risen from 118 to 115 in the last 21 days. But Miller could see more opportunities now that he is in Houston. The Texans’ receiving corps after Brandin Cooks is unproven, so Miller could make a name for himself. He is still going outside the top 300, so I would not get carried away. But there could be some volume here on a team that figures to play from behind quite a bit.

NFFC Biggest ADP Fallers

Cam Akers (from 11 to 265) – This one is fairly obvious. Cam Akers is out for the year after tearing his Achilles. He is still listed on the ADP report because there is still data there, but do not draft him under any circumstances.

Michael Thomas (from 29 to 61) – As previously mentioned, Michael Thomas is likely to miss at least a month of regular-season action following surgery on his ankle. The Saints have an early bye (Week 6) so we may not see him take the field until after the bye. Thomas has made waves on social media for seemingly complaining about how the Saints handled his injury, but that should not matter once he is medically cleared.e

Saquon Barkley (from 7 to 11) – There is a lot of talk about the health of Saquon Barkley. Many want no part of the Giants running back in the first round following his ACL tear from last season. Others are willing to gamble on the talent. He has the kind of upside and all-around ability that fantasy managers cherish. Barkley has averaged 114.9 scrimmage yards per game in his NFL career. His is not a skill set you can find often at the end of the first round. Considering that the Giants activated Barkley off the PUP list on Monday, I am willing to bet that Barkley’s ADP begins to climb back up to the single digits in the coming days.  

Jordan Love (from 290 to 446) – Many fantasy managers were afraid that Aaron Rodgers would dig his heels in and refuse to play for the Packers this season. As a result, some drafted Jordan Love, who would have been poised to step in as the team’s quarterback. That will obviously no longer be the case now that Rodgers has returned. Love’s ADP has understandably taken a nosedive, and there is no reason to target him in redraft leagues.

Jack Doyle (from 287 to 416) – Jack Doyle has seen his ADP slip in recent weeks for a couple of reasons. First, there was the report that Doyle could be used more as a blocker than a receiver. That scenario could limit Doyle’s potential for touchdown receptions. But the real gut punch is the injury to Colts quarterback Carson Wentz. The former Eagle suffered a foot injury in late July and underwent surgery. He could be out anywhere from 5-12 weeks. it is not like Doyle was a highly sought-after fantasy commodity with everything working in his favor. Now that there are obvious roadblocks to his potential production, fantasy managers have simply moved on to players with more upside when fishing for tight ends late in drafts.

Elijah Mitchell (from 282 to 395) – The San Francisco 49ers selected Elijah Mitchell in the sixth round of this year’s NFL Draft. Given the team’s prolific rushing attack, fantasy managers were willing to take a flyer on the rookie. It seems many have soured on him in recent weeks, but I still like the Louisiana Lafayette product. He has high-end speed and excellent burst as well. I would still rank him a distant third on the depth chart behind Trey Sermon and Raheem Mostert. Because of that, I can see why fantasy managers are unwilling to invest. But in deep Best Ball leagues, Mitchell is an intriguing target in the latter stages of drafts.

Atlanta Falcons D/ST (from 292 to 394) – To be honest, I’m not sure why people were drafting Atlanta’s defense to begin with, so I have no issue with them on this list. There is no reason to be selecting a backup defense in fantasy as long as you can stream them off the wire each week.

Carson Wentz (from 132 to 175) – Carson Wentz will be out for the foreseeable future following his foot surgery. Fantasy managers had been valuing Wentz as a mid-range QB2 in 12-team leagues before his injury. So he has not fallen as far as he might have had he been going as a top-10 option. Over the last couple of weeks, his stock has plummeted into the dreaded late QB2/early QB3 range. Essentially, you can ignore him for now if you play in a one-QB league. It is a bit trickier if you play in SuperFlex formats. Wentz has the upside of a solid QB2, but you will likely have to navigate the first few weeks of the season without him.

Zach Pascal (from 332 to 438) – Pascal is yet another ancillary piece of the Indianapolis passing game adversely affected by the injury to Wentz. There are only so many pass catchers that Jacob Eason or Sam Ehlinger will be able to support. The Colts’ top three receivers (T.Y. Hilton, Michael Pittman, and Parris Campbell) have seen slight hits to their ADP in recent weeks, but not to the point where they are featured on this list.

Benny Snell (from 277 to 360) – I discussed Snell earlier when highlighting our ADP data, so the cliffs notes remain the same. Many felt there would be an opportunity for Snell in Pittsburgh’s backfield. But as the summer rolls on, it appears more and more like rookie Najee Harris will be a workhorse running back. Snell is destined for handcuff status and little more than that at this stage.

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