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Fantasy EPL Trade Target Evaluations

After 8 weeks of Premier League action, it is time to evaluate some of the best and worst Fantasy EPL trade target recommendations of this season. While there have been some absolute gems that may have lead you to be top of your table this season, there have also been some really poor trades where you may have given up a bit too much.

Here we will be evaluating 4 recommendations I have made in the past weeks, my thoughts on how they have done since then, and what to do with those players going forward. With 30 weeks left to play in the EPL, there is still plenty of time to find the next buy low target who will come good, and help you mount your title challenge! Remember the key to a title challenge is sending out lots of trade offers!

Fantasy EPL Trade Target Evaluations


Ryan Fraser

PPM Before Targeted: 3.25
Week Told to Target: Gameweek 3
PPM Since: 6.05
Net Gain/Loss: +2.8

Evaluation: Since Gameweek 3 we have surprisingly seen Ryan Fraser in and out of the starting XI. While everyone thought he was un-droppable, Eddie Howe sure doesn’t see it that way. Bournemouth as a whole has actually looked a lot better attacking wise with Fraser on the bench bar the performance vs. Arsenal. While Fraser has increased in PPM since Gameweek 3 he has caused more headaches than a 2nd round draft pick should. He has come off the bench his last 3 appearances, and scored his only goal of the season during one of them, causing managers even more frustration. When Fraser is in the XI, without a question he is in your XI, but the big question is when/if he will be reintroduced into that lineup.

Verdict: Fraser’s value is at an all-time low right now, and unless a manager is his #1 fan, you won’t get much value for him. I recommend holding Fraser for the time being and hope Eddie Howe reinstates him into the XI.

James Maddison

PPM Before Targeted: 10.0
Week Told to Target: Gameweek 6
PPM Since: 17.5
Net Gain/Loss:  7.5

Evaluation: James Maddison is a special player and each game he shows more and more qualities that will one day make him world-class. Since Gameweek 6 he has 2 starts, and missed 1 game through injury, in those 2 starts he has 2 goals. Both those starts were against Spurs and Liverpool, it’s safe to say Maddison is in for an amazing end of season run. If you were able to trade for Maddison ahead of his 2 goals I am sure he has served you well and should be a set and forget lock in your XI unless he is injured. I fully expect Leicester to make a serious push at the top 4 this season, and Maddison will be at the center of that. Expect consistent returns as Maddison makes a push for a top 10 Fantrax player this season.

Verdict: If you have Maddison now, it is best to hold him especially with Leicester’s easy schedule. If you are desperate for a trade, I would only try to trade Maddison out for 1st Round picks, but even then, you are better to roll the dice with a young and hungry talent on a team that wants to make a name for themselves.


Danny Rose

PPM Before Targeted: 3.55
Week Told to Target: Gameweek 6
PPM Since: 6.87
Net Gain/Loss: 3.32

Evaluation: No matter how small, a gain is a gain. Spurs backline has not looked good in recent weeks, but Danny Rose’s fantasy output is slowly improving. Although he was rotated in the 3-0 defeat to Brighton it is safe to say he will be back in the XI for Gameweek 9. Rose has recent scores of 7.25, and 6.5 both without clean sheets, showing he is slowly increasing his ghost points. With the exception of Liverpool in Gameweek 10 Spurs have a pretty easy schedule until December where they will be hoping to turn a corner. If you managed to trade in Rose he has been a decent DEF3 these last few weeks, and hopefully, we will see some more clean sheets and some double-digit scores.

Verdict: With Spurs at an all-time low, it’s safe to it will be hard to find a buyer for Danny Rose. If someone in your league believes in his potential try to get a solid DEF2/MID5 for Rose. If you can’t get proper value, hold him and hope Spurs turn it around and Rose rediscovers some form of years past.


Oliver Norwood

PPM Before Targeted: 10.33
Week Told to Target: Gameweek 4
PPM Since: 8.5
Net Gain/Loss: -1.83

Evaluation: Norwood has seen a very small dip in production since you were advised to trade for him, but he has still been incredibly consistent. In 8 games Norwood only has 1 assist, yet still has a ppm of 9.19 overall. He has provided managers with MID4 level production and is not matchup dependent. Norwood continues to fill up the stat sheet nicely and surely should have a few more attacking returns in the future being the set-piece taker for his side. Norwood is the definition of “ghost points” he will get you 6-10 points a game, and its players like him that can lead you to a title at the end of the season. If you managed to trade for Norwood and got him for low value, well done, you are on your way to challenging for the title.

Verdict: I would look to keep Norwood if you don’t have 4 stronger midfielders, as his consistency would be preferred to the boom and bust nature of a bigger name like Daniel James. If you do have better midfielders in your roster, and Norwood is simply on your bench look to acquire a FWD3/DEF2 such as Jesus, Barnes, or Keane.

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