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Fantasy EPL Player Projections: Gameweek 34

Football is notoriously hard to predict, and as such, player projections for the fantasy draft game are rare. With so few goals scored, upsets tend to happen more than in other sports, whilst the limited use of substitutes also makes it easy to misjudge the amount of playing time an individual will get. Add these to the fact that any position can and does contribute to almost all aspects of the game (unlike in many American sports), as well as the fact that one goal can have a monumental impact on a player’s score (e.g. a goalkeeper can go from +8 to -2 with one kick), and you have a recipe for disaster. So, with that all said, I present to you: Fantrax EPL’s gameweek projections. Please go easy on them!

(Note: this article was written prior to the Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton game on Monday July 6th. All numbers are based on Togga scoring. Projected points appear in brackets under the player’s name. Unfortunately the short turnaround time between gameweeks does not make it possible for us to produce this article in a table form, though this is certainly something that we will try to achieve next season).



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