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Fantasy College Football: Overvalued Players

Last week, I went through and found players that were incredibly undervalued based on their current Average Draft Position (ADP). Now it’s time to look at the players who are going too early in most fantasy drafts when there are better options still on the table.

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Akrum Wadley RB, Iowa

ADP: 24.92

Akrum Wadley would be deserving of the second round average if this were still 2016 and he was still a lone wolf in the backfields of Iowa City. This season, he isn’t, due to a certain offseason transfer named James Butler. Butler was a top-10 fantasy option while at Nevada but has dropped substantially ever since. Butler is the all-time leader in rushing at Nevada, and regardless of Akrum Wadley’s starting status, Butler would not have transferred if he wasn’t getting playing time in his last year of eligibility. Wadley’s production will dip this season, so fantasy owners should be aware of his current draft-day cost.

Kenny Hill QB, TCU

ADP: 42.22

[the_ad id=”384″]Kenny Hill in the fourth or fifth round would normally be an okay pickup for a QB2. However, Hill is going off the board before Eric Dungey, J’Mar Smith, Josh Allen, and Brent Stockstill. All four options are more consistent fantasy options than Hill. Dungey is a fantasy points machine when he is healthy, Smith is the next man up in one of the more plug-and-play offenses in the NCAA, making him a big addition to any fantasy team. Allen and Stocktill both put up big numbers consistently and are the centerpieces of their offenses. Hill was a big-time fantasy player in the first half of 2016 but couldn’t top 25 fantasy points in the second half of the season. Don’t pass on a more established passer just because Hill can score with his legs.

Flynn Nagel WR, Northwestern

ADP: 52

I do understand the appeal of drafting Flynn Nagel. After all, Austin Carr was a high-impact fantasy player last season at Northwestern, and now that he’s gone Nagel is a lock to take his spot, right? Wrong. Nagel and Jalen Brown are in the running to take the top spot on the stat sheet, and Brown looks to be the better option. Brown is younger and has a higher ceiling than Nagel, which makes me believe that Brown will be the guy that the Wildcats go forward with. Be careful drafting Nagel this early when names like Calvin Ridley, N’Keal Harry, and Linell Bonner are still on the board.

Nick Chubb RB, Georgia

ADP: 60.83

Have you ever overpaid for a name brand when there’s a similar option available at a lower cost? Well, that’s what is happening with Nick Chubb. Not to take anything away from the athletic ability that Chubb has to offer, but let’s take a look at last season. Chubb finished nine of 13 games with fewer than 15 fantasy points. On top of that, Sony Michel has cut into  Chubb’s carries quite a bit, with Chubb getting 224 carries and Michel getting 152 carries. Chubb has upside, but a fifth or sixth round pick is too hefty a price for the former SEC Freshman of the Year.

Jarred Craft RB, Louisiana Tech

ADP: 30.02

Jarred Craft is coming off a 1,414 total yard season, which usually bodes well for a second or third round pick. The issue with Craft is that last season he finished four of the last six games with fewer than 10 carries. His production was trending down at the end of last season, and Boston Scott out-carried him in three of those six weeks. Craft is a second or third round pick, and it’s dangerous to pay that high of a price on a player who won’t get the bulk of the carries in some weeks.


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