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Fantasy Basketball 101 on the Fantrax Platform

Dave Sun provides your one-stop, 101 guide on how to play Fantasy Basketball for first-timers and new players on Fantrax.

We know how it starts, right? In past seasons you’ve been listening to your mates’ trash-talking each other and bragging about their Fantasy Basketball teams. Now, you’ve realized you need to be in on the action and show you’ve got what it takes to bring home championship gold. What’s holding you back? Well, after you’ve read and followed the simple steps in this article… absolutely nothing!

What?! You didn’t host last year’s fantasy basketball league on Fantrax? Inconceivable!! Check out all the features of Fantrax Fantasy Basketball Commissioner and we’re pretty sure you’ll come around to our way of thinking.

Fantrax Fantasy Basketball 101

1. Sign Up

Easy, right? Just click here: Sign up to Fantrax now!

Your league Commissioner will usually e-mail you a link with sign-up details, but you can set up an account on the link above or, better yet, start your own league.

Check out our exclusive league features here: Why Fantrax?

Be sure to check out our HELP/FAQ section for walkthroughs on everything you need to know: Fantrax Help and FAQ

2. Navigating Around Your Fantrax NBA League…

  • Top Menu
    Once you’ve joined or created your league, the fun really begins!
    at the top of the Home page, use the link to “My Leagues” for easy access to all your leagues.
    Fantrax Top Menu
  • League Menu
    Every league will have it’s own league menu, just under the top menu, and most of the action for your season will take place from these tab-links.
    Fantrax League Menus
    Let’s start by getting ready for your all-important draft!

3. Draft Prep

You know the saying about “Prior Planning” and what it “Prevents”, right (If not, google it now)?
An estimated 80% of your success is going to come from drafting a strong team. Sure, you can make trades and add players to help during the season (according to your league rules), but the strength of the core group of players you begin with will make a world of difference.

It’s important to know your league rules because not all of the advice and rankings you look at may be relevant to your particular league. For a detailed explanation of this see my article, “5 things I wish I knew before my first fantasy basketball draft.”

  • Rank Players
    rank players
    Use the “Rank Players” tab-link to make your own custom list of draft targets. add players from the list, left of screen, and sort your personal rankings from the field on the right. You can even export or import your customized rankings.
    Check out all the latest FantraxHQ draft guides, rankings, hints and articles here:
    FantraxHQ NBA
  • Draft Room
    Fantrax Draft Room

This is where the real fun takes place!

Use the green, downward-pointing arrows next to players names to add them to your queue. (There are several strategies and ways to use the queue function during a draft. Join the discussion on Twitter here: tw@FantraxNBA).

Use the “Auto-Draft” toggle switch in the top menu to control the action when you’re not live in the draft room.


Make sure you give yourself time to play around with at least these two, key features.

Now, you’re ready for the draft day!

One More Time…
So, there you have it. You’re signed up, signed in, know your way to your league page, team page and the draft room, and you’ve prepared your draft list. Be sure to look out for further articles on strategy, gameplay for the various league types, and more at FantraxHQ… now it’s time for you to dominate your Fantasy Basketball league!

Ready to jump in a fantasy basketball league? Check out our early 2019-20 Fantasy Basketball Rankings!

Dave is a weekend fantasy pro, passionate about the NBA and convinced that you don’t have to sacrifice your day job and life responsibilities to compete in your fantasy league. Dave focuses his writing on 101 interpretations of expert analysis so you don’t just know what is going on, but you know exactly what to do with that fantasy basketball strategy knowledge to help you win!

Fantrax was one of the fastest-growing fantasy sites of 2018 and we’re not slowing down any time soon! With multi-team trades, designated commissioner/league managers, and drag/drop easy click methods, Fantrax is sure to excite the serious fantasy sports fan – sign up now for a free year at

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