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Fantasy Baseball Auction Values and Strategy for 12-Team Mixed Leagues

With the inaugural season of the LABR 12-Team Auction League looming, Doug Anderson shares the auction values he will use entering the draft and a few key ideas to keep in mind for this particular format.

I have a confession to make. I’m scared. I was very happy to get back into one of the LABR drafts after I took a year away from the industry a few years ago. Then I found out it was for a brand new 12-team mixed league auction. It’s not the auction part that’s scary. I’ve been doing NL- and AL-Only auctions since the early 1990s. I guarantee I could go through the player pool and be within a couple of dollars on the auction values of 85 percent of the players. I’m that comfortable deep league auctions.

The part that sends shivers down my spine is the mixed league part. In almost every aspect I consider monoleagues to be more difficult. They require a deeper knowledge of the player pool and because of the low-level players you will be forced to draft, they present tougher choices. Generally, I think you just have to know your craft a little better for these uber-deep leagues. But the auction format is one area where shallower is tougher.

I’ve done my share of mixed league auctions, though not as many as my favored deeper leagues. Every one I’ve done has been different and they’ve all been pure chaos.

I think the difference is that in deep league auctions if you blow all your money early, you will have way too many holes on your team. Owners know this so there’s a certain semblance of order and limits to the bidding. In a 12-team mixed league, there are still decent players left over. Knowing this will then bid ridiculous amounts on the top talent, confident that they can fill out their roster with useful players and continue to address any areas of need in-season.

If you’ve ever gone to the trouble to formulate your own auction values, the math will tell you that the better players lose a bit of their value because there’s not as big a difference between them and the rest of the field… Yeah, well that math doesn’t sit through an auction watching all the top players go to the 11 other teams that ignored it. Follow the mathematically calculated values by some of these dollar value calculators and you end up getting a bunch of $12 players for $8… and a lot of money left on the table… and a last-place team.

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Mixed League Auction Strategy

So if you can’t fully trust the math then what do you do in these mixed league auctions? The answer is not easy and it may be different in every damn one. The key to success in these auctions, as well as any others, is to recognize trends early and adjust on the fly. I’m not gonna repeat the stuff I put out in my article on general auction strategy. If you haven’t read that you should. It’s got plenty of sound ideas that will help in any auction. But here, I’m just gonna cover some of the key auction strategy specific to 12-team mixers.

You Can’t Sit Back

I’m frugal by nature. When I go shopping I look for generic brands on sale. That mindset helped me win quite a few NL- and AL-Only leagues when I first started doing this fantasy stuff. Back then it was predictable that one or two teams would spend big early and you could swoop in later for all the bargains. That doesn’t always work these days and I dare say it never works in shallow mixed leagues.

Here’s how it typically goes. Three or four teams spend big on the elite players that inevitably get brought up for auction early. Then three or four more teams get nervous and start overpaying for the rest of the top tier. At that point, you’ve got half the league low on funds, but the other half of the league is still sitting there with a lot of money and not much talent on hand. That’s not a situation conducive to bargains. If you keep waiting past that point because you’re just not gonna pay one dollar more than you’ve allocated for a player, you’re in trouble. You’ve got plenty of money, but there’s always still an owner to push you past the bargain point. Instead, you’ll still end up overpaying, just for worse players.

Pay Fair Value

Well, the last few paragraphs probably have you feeling like it’s a no-win situation. Don’t despair. Someone has to win the league and it might as well be you. Most often the path to winning is through paying the market price for that tier of players just below the elite. Do not be afraid to purchase the first good players at prices at or even slightly above what you have them projected at. Not every good player can go for elevated prices. You just have to be willing to jump on anything close to fair. It can get frustrating early on, but you’ll get your share of good talent and unlike most of the rest of the league, you’ll still have some money left for the end-game bargains.

If this idea sounds inexact and a bit obtuse, it’s because it is. The big idea is that you can’t win by being a scavenger. Pay fair value, but don’t get greedy. This likely means you’re not gonna roster Mike Trout or Gerrit Cole. Don’t worry you can win a league with a bunch of J.D. Martinez’s and Shane Biebers.

Salary Allocation

12-team Mixed League Salary Allocation ChartI do mention a salary allocation chart in that general strategy piece. It was a bit generic and the auction values were probably tilted more toward deeper formats. For these 12-team mixed league auctions, I think things will have to be a bit more top-heavy. You’ll need to spend more to get some of the better players, but you’ll also be able to grab pretty decent players near the end game; especially if you enter that phase with a little bit more cash than most of your league.

The allocation chart at the right is what I’ll be aiming for. And remember, you can borrow from one slot to help another. Just don’t get too off track. Try to hold that basic structure. The salary slots for hitters are pretty straightforward. You want the best hitters you can get with guaranteed at-bats. I treat a few of the pitching slots differently. The $2 slot and the two $1 slots are for my upside plays. Maybe it’s a young pitcher with great stuff who has struggled so far. Or maybe a low-level closer slides into your lap. Regardless it’s okay to take a couple of shots here. Just back them up in the reserve rounds with safe middle relievers and setup men.

12-Team Mixed League Auction Values

Okay, here you go. My 2020 auction values for 12-team mixed leagues are below. Feel free to disagree on quite a few players. Feel free to tweak the values to your liking. You should. It’s your league and your team. No one knows it better than you do. Besides these values start to change the minute the first player is auctioned off. Just keep track of the cumulative amount over or under bid according to your projections and you’ll have an idea when the prices might start to turn in your favor.

The table below can be sorted by value, ranking, and position. The positions listed are the most likely position you’ll use them in fantasy. If you want to see exactly where you can use each player, check out our Position Eligibility page. You can also search the table by player name using the search box at the top right of the table, but it doesn’t play nice with all browsers. If you’d rather view this data by position, I’ve created a 12-Team NL-Only Cheat Sheet w Auction Values for your enjoyment.

Feel free to nitpick my auction values in the comments below or on Twitter @RotoDaddy. I do it when I check out other values… Then I get over it and make them my own.

Overall RnkPos. RnkPlayerPos.$$ Value
11Mike TroutOF$48
22Ronald Acuna Jr.OF$43
33Christian YelichOF$41
31Gerrit ColeSP$41
51Nolan Arenado3B$37
54Mookie BettsOF$37
52Justin VerlanderSP$37
53Jacob deGromSP$37
91Cody Bellinger1B$36
95J.D. MartinezOF$36
111Francisco LindorSS$35
124Max ScherzerSP$33
132Jose Ramirez3B$32
136Juan SotoOF$32
132Alex BregmanSS$32
133Trevor StorySS$32
172Freddie Freeman1B$30
174Trea TurnerSS$30
197George SpringerOF$29
195Chris SaleSP$29
196Stephen StrasburgSP$29
197Jack FlahertySP$29
233Anthony Rendon3B$28
238Yordan AlvarezOF$28
254Rafael Devers3B$27
259Bryce HarperOF$27
258Walker BuehlerSP$27
2810Charlie BlackmonOF$26
293Pete Alonso1B$25
2911Giancarlo StantonOF$25
295Javier BaezSS$25
296Fernando Tatis Jr.SS$25
291Nelson CruzUT/DH$25
341Jose Altuve2B$24
3412Aaron JudgeOF$24
349Shane BieberSP$24
347Xander BogaertsSS$24
3813Starling MarteOF$23
3810Charlie MortonSP$23
3811Mike ClevingerSP$23
414Anthony Rizzo1B$21
415Manny Machado3B$21
416Kris Bryant3B$21
411J.T. RealmutoC$21
412Gary SanchezC$21
4114Eddie RosarioOF$21
4112Clayton KershawSP$21
418Adalberto MondesiSS$21
4913Blake SnellSP$20
499Gleyber TorresSS$20
5115Austin MeadowsOF$19
5116Marcell OzunaOF$19
5117Eloy JimenezOF$19
5114Luis CastilloSP$19
555Paul Goldschmidt1B$18
556Jose Abreu1B$18
5515Brandon WoodruffSP$18
587Matt Olson1B$17
587Josh Donaldson3B$17
583Yasmani GrandalC$17
581Josh HaderRP$17
5816Luis SeverinoSP$17
5817Patrick CorbinSP$17
5818Chris PaddackSP$17
5819Aaron NolaSP$17
5810Marcus SemienSS$17
678Yuli Gurriel1B$16
672Keston Hiura2B$16
673Ketel Marte2B$16
674Ozzie Albies2B$16
675DJ LeMahieu2B$16
678Matt Chapman3B$16
6718Jorge SolerOF$16
6719Tommy PhamOF$16
6720Michael BrantleyOF$16
6720Tyler GlasnowSP$16
6711Carlos CorreaSS$16
672Kirby YatesRP$16
799Trey Mancini1B$15
796Whit Merrifield2B$15
799Eugenio Suarez3B$15
7921Joey GalloOF$15
7922Nick CastellanosOF$15
7923Luis RobertOF$15
7924Ramon LaureanoOF$15
7921Yu DarvishSP$15
7912Bo BichetteSS$15
793Liam HendriksRP$15
8910Josh Bell1B$14
8911Rhys Hoskins1B$14
8910Yoan Moncada3B$14
8911Vladimir Guerrero Jr.3B$14
894Willson ContrerasC$14
892Shohei OhtaniUT/DH$14
957Jeff McNeil2B$13
958Jonathan Villar2B$13
959Mike Moustakas2B$13
955Salvador PerezC$13
9525Michael ConfortoOF$13
9522Zack GreinkeSP$13
9523Noah SyndergaardSP$13
9513Tim AndersonSS$13
10312Carlos Santana1B$12
10310Eduardo Escobar2B$12
10311Max Muncy2B$12
10312Justin Turner3B$12
1036Mitch GarverC$12
10326Max KeplerOF$12
10327Andrew BenintendiOF$12
11013Edwin Encarnacion1B$11
11028Kyle SchwarberOF$11
11029Franmil ReyesOF$11
11030Bryan ReynoldsOF$11
11031Yasiel PuigOF$11
11032Victor RoblesOF$11
11024Zack WheelerSP$11
11025Corey KluberSP$11
11026Jesus LuzardoSP$11
1197Will SmithC$10
11927Carlos CarrascoSP$10
1194Roberto OsunaRP$10
1195Aroldis ChapmanRP$10
12313Miguel Sano3B$9
1238Wilson RamosC$9
12333Lourdes Gurriel Jr.OF$9
12334David DahlOF$9
12335Danny SantanaOF$9
12328James PaxtonSP$9
12329Zac GallenSP$9
12314Jorge PolancoSS$9
1233Khris DavisUT/DH$9
1329Christian VazquezC$8
13236Willie CalhounOF$8
13237Adam EatonOF$8
13238Ryan BraunOF$8
13230Trevor BauerSP$8
13215Corey SeagerSS$8
1326Taylor RogersRP$8
1327Edwin DiazRP$8
1328Kenley JansenRP$8
14112Brandon Lowe2B$7
14114Hunter Dozier3B$7
14110Omar NarvaezC$7
14139Justin UptonOF$7
14140Andrew McCutchenOF$7
14141Alex VerdugoOF$7
14142Oscar MercadoOF$7
14143Lorenzo CainOF$7
14144Byron BuxtonOF$7
14145Joc PedersonOF$7
14146David PeraltaOF$7
14131Lucas GiolitoSP$7
14132Jose BerriosSP$7
14133Frankie MontasSP$7
14134Carlos MartinezSP$7
14116Amed RosarioSS$7
1419Brad HandRP$7
14110Giovanny GallegosRP$7
15914Joey Votto1B$6
15915Luke Voit1B$6
15911Yadier MolinaC$6
15935David PriceSP$6
15936Mike SorokaSP$6
15937Lance McCullers Jr.SP$6
15938Lance LynnSP$6
15939Josh JamesSP$6
15917Didi GregoriusSS$6
15911Ken GilesRP$6
15912Brandon WorkmanRP$6
15913Hector NerisRP$6
15914Nick AndersonRP$6
17213Tommy Edman2B$5
17215Kyle Seager3B$5
17212Buster PoseyC$5
17213Travis d'ArnaudC$5
17247Brian AndersonOF$5
17248Shin-Soo ChooOF$5
17249Randal GrichukOF$5
17250Avisail GarciaOF$5
17251Corey DickersonOF$5
17252Mallex SmithOF$5
17240Max FriedSP$5
17241Kyle HendricksSP$5
17242Hyun-Jin RyuSP$5
17243Julio UriasSP$5
17244Madison BumgarnerSP$5
17245Luke WeaverSP$5
17246Mike MinorSP$5
17247Mike FoltynewiczSP$5
17218Paul DeJongSS$5
17215Raisel IglesiasRP$5
17216Craig KimbrelRP$5
19314Kurt SuzukiC$4
19315Tom MurphyC$4
19316Jorge AlfaroC$4
19317Sean MurphyC$4
19318Carson KellyC$4
19353Hunter RenfroeOF$4
19354Nomar MazaraOF$4
19355Gregory PolancoOF$4
19356A.J. PollockOF$4
19348Sonny GraySP$4
19349Matthew BoydSP$4
19319Elvis AndrusSS$4
20516Eric Hosmer1B$3
20514Cavan Biggio2B$3
20515Jonathan Schoop2B$3
20516Gavin Lux2B$3
20516Gio Urshela3B$3
20517Scott Kingery3B$3
20518J.D. Davis3B$3
20519Francisco MejiaC$3
20520Robinson ChirinosC$3
20557Kyle TuckerOF$3
20558Mike YastrzemskiOF$3
20559Austin RileyOF$3
20550Dinelson LametSP$3
20551Andrew HeaneySP$3
20552Eduardo RodriguezSP$3
20553Robbie RaySP$3
20554Kenta MaedaSP$3
20555Chris ArcherSP$3
20556Yonny ChirinosSP$3
20520Dansby SwansonSS$3
20517Keone KelaRP$3
20518Jose LeclercRP$3
20519Will SmithRP$3
20520Seth LugoRP$3
20521Hansel RoblesRP$3
23017Rougned Odor2B$2
23019Miguel Andujar3B$2
23060Kole CalhounOF$2
23061Brett GardnerOF$2
23062Jesse WinkerOF$2
23063Kevin KiermaierOF$2
23057Marcus StromanSP$2
23058Masahiro TanakaSP$2
23059Jake OdorizziSP$2
23060Ross StriplingSP$2
23061Rick PorcelloSP$2
23062Caleb SmithSP$2
23063Garrett RichardsSP$2
23064Aaron CivaleSP$2
23021Andrelton SimmonsSS$2
23022Archie BradleyRP$2
23023Sean DoolittleRP$2
23024Alex ColomeRP$2
23025Ian KennedyRP$2
23026Chad GreenRP$2
23027Joe JimenezRP$2
23028Dellin BetancesRP$2
23029Ryan PresslyRP$2
23030Mychal GivensRP$2
23031Blake TreinenRP$2
23032Ryan PresslyRP$2
25617Mark Canha1B$1
25618Daniel Murphy1B$1
25619Christian Walker1B$1
25620C.J. Cron1B$1
25620Yandy Diaz3B$1
25621Roberto PerezC$1
25622Danny JansenC$1
25623Jacob StallingsC$1
25624Tucker BarnhartC$1
25665German MarquezSP$1
25666Joe MusgroveSP$1
25667Dustin MaySP$1
25668Ryan YarbroughSP$1
25669Griffin CanningSP$1
25670Cole HamelsSP$1
25671Mitch KellerSP$1
25633Emilio PaganRP$1
25634Tony WatsonRP$1
25635Andres MunozRP$1
25636Chad GreenRP$1
25637Emmanuel ClaseRP$1
277RESRenato Nunez1B$0
277RESMiguel Cabrera1B$0
277RESBrandon Belt1B$0
277RESJi-Man Choi1B$0
277RESEvan White1B$0
277RESNate Lowe1B$0
277RESAlbert Pujols1B$0
277RESRowdy Tellez1B$0
277RESJesus Aguilar1B$0
277RESEric Thames1B$0
277RESJustin Smoak1B$0
277RESMitch Moreland1B$0
277RESRyan O'Hearn1B$0
277RESRonald Guzman1B$0
277RESRyan Zimmerman1B$0
277RESMatt Adams1B$0
277RESGreg Bird1B$0
277RESStarlin Castro2B$0
277RESLuis Arraez2B$0
277RESRyan McMahon2B$0
277RESCesar Hernandez2B$0
277RESKolten Wong2B$0
277RESMichael Chavis2B$0
277RESHanser Alberto2B$0
277RESRobinson Cano2B$0
277RESTommy La Stella2B$0
277RESNiko Goodrum2B$0
277RESNick Madrigal2B$0
277RESHowie Kendrick2B$0
277RESJurickson Profar2B$0
277RESAdam Frazier2B$0
277RESDavid Fletcher2B$0
277RESLuis Arraez2B$0
277RESDee Gordon2B$0
277RESMauricio Dubon2B$0
277RESAsdrubal Cabrera2B$0
277RESGarrett Hampson2B$0
277RESEvan Longoria3B$0
277RESMaikel Franco3B$0
277RESMatt Carpenter3B$0
277RESNick Solak3B$0
277RESTodd Frazier3B$0
277RESColin Moran3B$0
277RESTravis Shaw3B$0
277RESBrian Anderson3B$0
277RESMarwin Gonzalez3B$0
277RESRyon Healy3B$0
277RESYoshi Tsutsugo3B$0
277RESJeimer Candelario3B$0
277RESJames McCannC$0
277RESWillians AstudilloC$0
277RESYan GomesC$0
277RESPedro SevrinoC$0
277RESJason CastroC$0
277RESMike ZininoC$0
277RESAustin RomineC$0
277RESTony WoltersC$0
277RESMitch HanigerOF$0
277RESAnthony SantanderOF$0
277RESJackie Bradley Jr.OF$0
277RESNick SenzelOF$0
277RESJason HeywardOF$0
277RESAustin HaysOF$0
277RESTyler O'NeillOF$0
277RESTrent GrishamOF$0
277RESVictor ReyesOF$0
277RESAristides AquinoOF$0
277RESNick MarkakisOF$0
277RESStephen PiscottyOF$0
277RESIan HappOF$0
277RESKevin PillarOF$0
277RESJo AdellOF$0
277RESWil MyersOF$0
277RESDomingo SantanaOF$0
277RESBrandon NimmoOF$0
277RESTeoscar HernandezOF$0
277RESManuel MargotOF$0
277RESShogo AkiyamaOF$0
277RESKyle LewisOF$0
277RESEnder InciarteOF$0
277RESIan DesmondOF$0
277RESHarrison BaderOF$0
277RESDelino DeshieldsOF$0
277RESFranchy CorderoOF$0
277RESBrian GoodwinOF$0
277RESDexter FowlerOF$0
277RESJose MartinezOF$0
277RESYoenis CespedesOF$0
277RESAaron HicksOF$0
277RESJosh ReddickOF$0
277RESJarrod DysonOF$0
277RESChristin StewartOF$0
277RESHunter PenceOF$0
277RESMiles MikolasSP$0
277RESSean ManaeaSP$0
277RESJoey LucchesiSP$0
277RESMatt BarnesSP$0
277RESJon GraySP$0
277RESDylan BundySP$0
277RESBrendan McKaySP$0
277RESJose QuintanaSP$0
277RESAnthony DeSclafaniSP$0
277RESMichael PinedaSP$0
277RESPablo LopezSP$0
277RESKevin GausmanSP$0
277RESJosh LindblomSP$0
277RESAdrian HouserSP$0
277RESSteven MatzSP$0
277RESA.J. PukSP$0
277RESFramber ValdezSP$0
277RESAlex WoodSP$0
277RESChris BassittSP$0
277RESJean SeguraSS$0
277RESKevin NewmanSS$0
277RESWilly AdamesSS$0
277RESNick AhmedSS$0
277RESFreddy GalvisSS$0
277RESJon BertiSS$0
277RESCarter KieboomSS$0
277RESLuis UriasSS$0
277RESNiko GoodrumSS$0
277RESNico HoernerSS$0
277RESChris TaylorSS$0
277RESJ.P. CrawfordSS$0
277RESBrandon CrawfordSS$0
277RESDiego CastilloRP$0
277RESMark MelanconRP$0
277RESScott ObergRP$0
277RESRyne StanekRP$0
277RESTyler DuffeyRP$0
277RESTommy KahnleRP$0
277RESWill HarrisRP$0
277RESDrew PomeranzRP$0
277RESColin PocheRP$0
277RESTy ButtreyRP$0
277RESBrandon KintzlerRP$0
277RESCorey KnebelRP$0
277RESWade DavisRP$0

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  1. Alex says

    Do u know when u are going to have the 12 or 15 mix auction values?

    1. Doug Anderson says

      Here are my auction values for 12-team mixed leagues. These values lined up very well with what actually took place in the LABR Mixed League. I would expect star players to go for slightly higher values in many leagues. Depends on how you like to build a roster. –

  2. paul,,,,, says

    Is it possible for us to type a player’s name in and see his value?

    1. Doug Anderson says

      For some reason that feature is not working on this page. I’ll see what’s up with our IT guy.

    2. Doug Anderson says

      Hey Paul, got the search function working on the values. Just mouse over the little search icon in the blue header above the table.

  3. Dave says

    Will you be publishing your AL-only and NL-only auction values, too?

    1. Doug Anderson says

      Working on them this week. Hope to have them out for next Monday.

  4. SoKrates says

    Is there a way to pre-rank players by price for a Fantrax Auction?

    1. Doug Anderson says

      I do not believe so, but I’m on the content side of things. Use the support page to find out for sure –

  5. SoKrates says

    Is there a way to pre-rank players by price for a Fantrax Auction?
    I wanted to test out a slow auction draft system, but there is no way to rank/value players for it.

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