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Draft Premier League: Gameweek 5 Weekly Rankings

Knowing which Fantrax Draft Premier League players will perform best between now and the rest of the season is essential. Knowing which players are going to perform well on a weekly basis is also essential! These Gameweek 5 Weekly Rankings are here to help you with any Start/Sit deliberations, as well as help unearth a low ownership gem or two from the free agents pool. Read below for the players I think will perform best this weekend.

These Gameweek 5 Weekly Rankings are based on the Fantrax Scoring System.


Gameweek 5 Weekly Rankings

So here we go. Read below for my Gameweek 5 Weekly Rankings, broken down by each positional classification. And no, I’m not going to be ranking the Goalkeepers!



With Chilwell potentially out, Reece James should get the starting spot in a 4 man defense. The Academy graduate scores incredibly well, when he plays with successful crosses and key passes galore. Staying in London, new signing, Sergio Reguilon should make his full EPL debut against resurgent West Ham in the battle of the wingbacks. I expect him to properly announce his arrival to the Premier League in the London derby.

1Jamesvs SOU
2Alexander-Arnoldvs EVE
3Reguilonvs WHU
4Semedovs LEE
5Dohertyvs WHU
6Robertsonvs EVE
7Azpilicuetavs SOU
8Bryanvs SHU
9Tarkowskivs WBA
10Enda Stevensvs FUL
11Dignevs LIV
12Castagnevs AVL
13Bolyvs LEE
14Cashvs LEI
15Zoumavs SOU
16Taylorvs WBA
17Tellesvs NEW
18Masuakuvs TOT
19Van Dijkvs EVE
20Lampteyvs CRY
21Wan-Bissakavs NEW
22Baldockvs FUL
23Justinvs AVL
24Wardvs BHA
25Matipvs EVE
26Saissvs LEE
27Cancelovs ARS
28Aylingvs WOL
29Dunkvs CRY
30Ampaduva FUL
31Whitevs CRY
32Thiago Silvavs SOU
33Mitchellvs BHA
34Maguirevs NEW
35Scharvs MUN
36Bashamvs FUL
37Vestergaardvs CHE
38Coufalvs TOT
39Bardsleyvs WBA
40Ajayivs SHU
41Webstervs CRY
42Mingsvs LEI
43Laportevs ARS
44Jack Robinsonvs FUL
45Ivanovicvs BUR
46Bashamvs FUL
47Walker-Petersvs CHE
48Kochvs WOL
49Ainavs SHU
50SakhoVs BHA



With KDB out, the pressure is on young Phil Foden to deliver the goods against the Arteta’s men. Man City need to get their act together to allay the fears of crisis. James Maddison should get his first Premier League start of the season against Aston Villa and with a potential Cengiz Under sighting as well, the Leicester team of 2020/21 should finally be starting to take shape.

1Fernandesvs NEW
2Maddisonvs AVL
3Fodenvs ARS
4Pulisicvs SOU
5Grealishvs LEI
6Barnesvs AVL
7Havertzvs SOU
8Pereiravs BUR
9Mountvs SOU
10Ward-Prowsevs CHE
11Balevs WHU
12Antoniovs TOT
14Rodriguezvs LIV
15Bowenvs TOT
16Zahavs BHA
17Podencevs LEE
18Soucekvs TOT
19Ndombelevs WHU
20Moutinhovs LEE
21McNeilvs WBA
22McGinnvs LEI
23Hernandezvs WOL
24Pogbavs NEW
25Barkleyvs LEI
26Gundoganvs ARS
27Phillipsvs WOL
28Trossardvs CRY
29Townsendvs BHA
30Zambo-Anguissavs SHU
31Dianganavs BUR
32Harrisonvs WOL
33Ricevs TOT
34Ezevs BHA
35Tielemansvs AVL
36Fraservs MUN
37Lundstramvs FUL
38Trezeguetvs LEI
39Shelveyvs MUN
40Marchvs CRY
41Klichvs WOL
42Undervs AVL
43Ceballosvs MCI
44Bissoumavs CRY
45Parteyvs MCI
46Westwoodvs WHU
47Thiagovs EVE
48Doucurevs LIV
49Lallanavs CRY
50Milivojevicvs BHA



Not many surprises in the forwards table, with the big hitters occupying the front end of the list. Look out for Arsenal’s attackers, who could hit City on the break after an incisive Ceballos/Partey defense splitting through ball. However, with neither of the 3 big name starters possessing a good floor for scoring, I would not blame anyone if you decided on sitting Willian, Lacazette or even Aubameyang

1Mahrezvs ARS
2Sterlingvs ARS
3Sonvs WHU
4Wernervs SOU
5Manévs EVE
6Kanevs WHU
7Vardyvs AVL
8Salahvs EVE
9Rashfordvs NEW
10Traorevs LEE
11Greenwoodvs NEW
12Abrahamvs SOU
13Firminovs EVE
14Jimenezvs LEE
15Aubameyangvc MCI
16Ingsvs CHE
17WatkinsVs LEI
18Richarlisonvs LIV
19Mitrovicvs SHU
20Calvert-Lewinvs LIV
21Brewstervs FUL
22Willianvs MCI
23Barnesvs WBA
24Woodvs WBA
25Maupayvs CRY
26Lacazettevs MCI
27Wilsonvs MUN
28Adamsvs CHE
29Ayewvs BRI
30Bamfordvs WOL


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