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Draft Premier League: Gameweek 10 Weekly Rankings

Knowing which Fantrax Draft Premier League players will perform best between now and the rest of the season is essential. Knowing which players are going to perform well on a weekly basis is also essential! These Gameweek 10 Weekly Rankings are here to help you with any Start/Sit deliberations, as well as help unearth a low ownership gem or two from the free-agent pool. Read below for the players I think will perform best this weekend.

These Gameweek 10 Weekly Rankings are based on the Fantrax Scoring System.

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Gameweek 10 Weekly Rankings

So here we go. Read below for my Gameweek 10 Weekly Rankings, broken down by each positional classification. And no, I’m not going to be ranking the Goalkeepers!

This Premier League season has been the craziest in recent history. Unexpected results, penalties, no clean sheets means it is harder than ever to try to project lineups and potential scorers. These rankings take into account a team’s lineup choices, their opponents as well as the players’ floor, and ability to come up with a massive score in any given gameweek. You should always try to balance your squad with high floor and high ceiling players to maximize your potential score while keeping a steady flow of points.

This GW the WBA vs SHU match offers up a lot of value in all areas of the pitch to pick streamers from. If you have roster issues during the gameweek, do not hesitate to look to that match for unlikely but plentiful fantasy points.



1Cancelovs BUR
2Robertsonvs BRI
3Williamsvs BRI
4Chilwellvs TOT
5Castagnevs FUL
6Jamesvs TOT
7Semedovs ARS
8Creswellvs AVL
9Auriervs CHE
10Masuakuvs AVL
11Fofanavs FUL
12Furlongvs SHU
13Walkervs BUR
14Townsendvs SHU
15Tellesvs SOU
16Justinvs FUL
17Coufalvs AVL
18Marcalvs ARS
19Bashamvs WBA
20Maguirevs SOU
21Matipvs BRI
22Bolyvs ARS
23van Aanholtvs NEW
24Stevensvs WBA
25Cashvs WHU



1de Bruynevs BUR
2Fernandesvs SOU
3Rodriguezvs LEE
4Grealishvs WHU
5Maddisonvs FUL
6Barnesvs FUL
7Pereiravs SHU
8Havertzvs TOT
9Ezevs NEW
10Saint-Maximin INJvs CRY
11Antoniovs AVL
12Harrisonvs EVE
13Townsendvs NEW
14Ziyechvs TOT
15Mountvs TOT
16Fleckvs WBA
17Hourihanevs WHU
18Ward-Prowsevs MUN
19Balevs CHE
20Walcottvs MUN
21Traorevs WHU
22Bowenvs AVL
23Shelveyvs CRY
24Dianganavs SHU
25Grossvs LIV



1Manévs BRI
2Salahvs BRI
3Vardyvs FUL
4Aguerovs BUR
5Calvert-Lewinvs LEE
6Sterlingvs BUR
7Kanevs CHE
8Watkinsvs WHU
9Mahrezvs BUR
10Jotavs BRI
11Richarlisonvs LEE
12Raphinhavs EVE
13Aubameyangvs WOL
14Sonvs CHE
15Wernervs TOT


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