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Doug Pederson Is a Guaranteed Fool and 10 Things I Hate About Fantasy Football Week 8

The Cowboys lost 3 straight games and were on death’s door. Then Doug Pederson opened his stupid mouth and “guaranteed” a victory for his Eagles in Dallas Sunday night. I get wanted to prop up your team after a tough, but competitive game in Minnesota, but Pederson is a tool. He gave the Cowboys the bulletin board material they needed and the Eagles got smoked on national TV. How the hell did that I guy beat Belicheck?

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Anyway…Here are 10 Things I Hate About Fantasy Football Week 8!

  1. Matt Nagy Refuses To Use His RB Correctly – I’m not an NFL HC, but I’m pretty sure when you have a top 5 defense and a sub-par QB, the game plan should be RUN THE DAMN BALL! Instead, what do we get? Mitchel Trubisky throwing the ball 54 times, David Montgomery getting 2 carries for 6 yards and Tarik Cohen getting 3 carries for 10. Now Cohen still caught 9 balls, but for only 19 yards. Yeah, you heard me. Boy Wonder Matt Nagy needs to realize the Bears are headed nowhere without 20 carries from Montgomery.
  2. The Falcons Are In Full Sell Mode – I had high hopes for the Falcons in 2019. Sure, Matt Ryan has delivered and that defense has been so bad that the offense has been relevant. However, Mohamed Sanu is now a Patriot and the team has basically quit at the midway point. When the wheels come off a team, sometimes it drags their fantasy productivity along with it. Let’s hope they have some pride left.
  3. The Browns Can’t Catch A Break – I would love for the Browns to have come out firing after the bye week. Instead, they get the Patriots in New England coming off a road shutout of the Jets. Good luck with that! The Pats D is leading the world in turnovers and Baker Mayfield is an interception machine.
  4. I Want To Believe In Mark Walton – Hello, my name is Joe and I have been a Kenyan Drake apologist for the last two years, however, it’s time to move on and the Dolphins seem to have done so at RB with Mark Walton. The only trouble was Kalen Ballage got a goal-line carry for a TD. Walton isn’t going to win you a league, but he could win you some games. That is of course IF he can get the goal-line work. I’m so torn. I don’t know if I’m ready to love again.
  5. Daniel Jones Didn’t Improve – Last week, Jones got Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram back for the first time in a month in a cushy matchup on paper. Unfortunately, it didn’t make a difference. Getting sacked 8 times didn’t help, but some of those were on him. That should have been a confidence-boosting contest. Instead, it was another dismal outing.
  6. Corey Davis Could Have Been Good All This Time? – Could Ryan Tannehill actually make Corey Davis fantasy-relevant? In his first start, Tannehill targeted Corey Davis 7 times, and Davis caught 6 of them for 80 yards and a TD. Am I buying in? Hell yes! Will I be disappointed? Yes, probably. Marcus Mariota has ruined Corey Davis for far too long.
  7. Tyler Lockett Deserves More – After back to back double-digit receptions in Weeks 2 and 3, Lockett’s targets have gone south. He hasn’t caught more than 5 balls in a game since and hasn’t sniffed 100 yards. Please, more targets for Lockett, I beg you!
  8. Sam Darnold Sees Dead People – Ghosts to be specific. After a stunning upset of the Cowboys two weeks ago, Sam Darnold was visibly shaken by the Patriots defense. So shaken in fact, that I’m concerned that there could be a hangover in Week 8 against the Jaguars. At one point, he had almost as many interceptions as completions in that game. Yikes!
  9. Joe Mixon’s 2019 Season Is A Bust – I know, I know, I’m sad about it too, but we have to be honest with each other. The hopes we had for Joe Mixon having a breakout year are officially dead. I don’t care about garbage TDs. 10 carries for 2 yards. Rest in peace Joe Mixon 2019. You had so much to give. Sigh.
  10. Patrick Mahomes’ Kneecap I’m angry that Patrick Mahomes kneecap came apart. I’m mad I own him in so many superflex leagues and now I have to start Ryan Tannehill. I’m mad that we have to go a month without watching him play quarterback. It just plain sucks. It sucks even worse for Chiefs fans because they may be 5-6 by the time he comes back, with playoff hopes on life support.

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