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Community Special: Gameweek 12 Preview with Rajvir Rai

Yes, yes, we know: we are too good to you people here at Fantrax! Not only do we give you the wise words of the Kickaround Pod, the astute analysis of Genie’s Waivers, the informed insights of the Chaps Sleepers XI, and the must-read musings of Totti’s Weekly Rankings, but NOW we are providing you a preview of your very own personal league.

Okay, enough of the alliteration. Hopefully you know the score: on Monday we gave you the opportunity to win a written preview of your league’s matchups, and you got back to us admirably (by the way, a big thank you for this – we love reading all the retweets!). This time we picked Rajvir Rai as our Community Special winner, so here is that preview…

P.S. Even if this isn’t your league there should still be some useful tips for gameweek 12!!!

Note: this article gets written on a Wednesday and therefore is based on information available up until that point. For players who are classified as ‘doubtful’, I tend to go by the status report at, with anyone less than ‘75%’ generally not considered for the starting 11 (unless their inclusion is required in order to field a full 11).

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A Change of Plans…

You know that feeling Ed Woodward must have had about six weeks after giving Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a 3-year contract back in March last year? The feeling of regret, disappointment, and fear? That’s what I felt after announcing that Rajvir Rai was this week’s Community Special winner and subsequently finding out he was commissioner of a 20 team, two division, Dugout Scoring league setup.

Unlike Woodward though, I have not belligerently soldiered on into my impending doom. Instead, I have decided that this week’s article will be tweaked in order to maintain my sanity, personal relationships, and (real) work commitments. So I present to you, the West London Fantasy League Premier Division and Championship Standings, post gameweek 38.


West London Championship



Current Record: 8-0-3 (1ST)

Final Record: 26-1-11

Like Anthony Joshua on Saturday night, the Horns will keep their opponents at arm’s length this season; not cruising to victory, but never looking in any danger of being caught out either. It will be a welcome promotion for the club after they stumbled down the stretch last season, and the championship title will be won on the back of a formidable midfield trio of Grealish, Mount, and JWP, and arguably the best one-two punch in the game up top in Salah and Werner. The defence has players who are in unbelievable form (some would say overperforming), and a shrewd trade or two from the manager could bring forward the title celebrations. Zouma, for one, is on pace to more than double his FP/G from a season ago. If there is a weakness to be found, it’s in that old name PVA. Even in the alien (at least to me) Dugout scoring system, the Palace left back should be about as welcome in any team as Mina Raiola currently is in Manchester.



Current Record: 6-0-5 (4TH)

Final Record: 24-1-13

Perhaps surprisingly, the team that will push the Horns closest are the Pitshanger Pacers. They currently sit 4th – two wins back of the Chestnuts – but with KDB starting to do KDB-like things, they will seal the second promotion spot with relative ease. It’s not just KDB returning to form that will help though. In Jimenez’s absence, Traore is going to step up and demonstrate his value, whilst Ndidi and Barkley will also be back to add some quality to the midfield. The defence is arguably the strongest unit though; Telles may not be able to defend IRL but he can do other things more important in the world of fantasy football. Semedo and Boly, too, may benefit from a Wolves team who could become even more reliant on being strong defensively, whilst Doherty’s timeshare as Tottenham right back will still be valuable – particularly in a league that has seven subs.



Current Record: 5-0-6 (5TH)

Final Record: 20-1-17

Bronze for Killers in the mist, but that will be no consolation as the club fail to bounce straight back after relegation last season. Still, it was a solid season on the field, and by all accounts a successful one off it with the numerous GIFs being created likening the Commissioner to Blatter, Hitler, and Mussolini going down very will in the group. From an outsiders perspective, it seems harsh – “banter” or not – to compare the Commissioner to Sepp Blatter, but having not been privy to the actions of the commander in chief, I shall refrain from commenting any further. Anyway, this team has quality (Chilwell and Kane may be the number 1 DEF and number 1 FWD in the league) but it lacks depth. Shaw, Davies, Perez, Giroud…these aren’t starters, whilst there’s at least five other names that fall into the rotation risk category as well.



Current Record: 8-0-3 (2ND)

Final Record: 20-0-18

A 5-0 start to the season has become 8-3 and will end as 20-18 – some distance away from the promised land of promotion. It shouldn’t be a surprise though – this team has some tools (in a 10-team division, everyone will have some semblance of quality) but not enough to challenge with the big boys. Sterling looks lost right now, there’s huge doubts about Aguero’s capacity to return, Antonio and ASM are a shadow of last season, Abraham has just lost his spot to a 34-year old deemed not good enough for Arsenal, and Callum Wilson plays for Newcastle. When these are your premium assets then there’s cause for concern. Some of these will no doubt shine from here on in – after all, it’s not like they’re finishing in the bottom half of the table – but the peripheral figures aren’t good enough too make up for the dips of the others.



Current Record: 4-0-7 (9TH)

Final Record: 19-1-18

Projecting a big turnaround in fortunes for Bradford & Hove Albion, who currently languish in the nine hole but will end up in a very respectable 5th place. It is this slow start that has denied them a spot higher as their squad is superior to Chestnuts’, but a four win deficit is too much to catch with almost a third of the season gone. The forward contingent is legit, though you have to wonder whether we’ve already seen the best of Watkins and Adams. The defence is solid and includes a tier one guy in Reguilon and a tier 3 guy in AWB (tier 2 if Ole ever goes). The midfield also has pieces on the verge of breaking out in Bowen, Eze, and Havertz. The big question, though, is why Allan and Thomas Partey are in this squad? I’d rather have Alan Sugar and Thomas Shelby than these two wastes of space.



Current Record: 4-1-6 (8TH)

Final Record: 18-1-19

Another one on the up is TW8 Twizzlers, who despite recent injuries to two of their best players (Jimenez and Digne), have enough around them to save face this season with a 6th placed finish. Vardy and Richarlison are a solid pairing up front and there’s productive, if not fashionable, names elsewhere in McGinn, Armstrong, and Tarkowski. Vestergaard and Cancelo add to what is a very high-performing defence right now, though like with the Horns, I think I’d be cashing in on the centre-back who is currently doubling his FP/G from 2019/20. I’d also be cutting my losses with United’s failed summer acquisition van de Beek. He was drastically overvalued leading into the season but he’s somehow failed to live up to even my own very low expectations. Redmond can also hit the bin whilst you’re at it – the midfield man isn’t getting his spot back in this Southampton team.



Current Record: 7-0-4 (3RD)

Final Record: 18-0-20

Somebody screenshot the current league table for Deluxe because that’s the closest they’ll be coming to promotion all season. They’re flying high because of one man: Son Heung-Min. The Spurs superstar is having the season of his life (literally – his FP/G right now is 8.5, which is almost 3 points higher than he’s achieved in any of his previous five seasons). But it cannot last unfortunately, and when he fades, so will Deluxe. That said, hats off for acquiring probably the second best forward stable in the division; Ings, Rashford, and Son…that is frightening. Now if only the likes of Willian and Moutinho would do what we all expected them to do, this team might have a bit more joy. Unfortunately, Tielemans, Westwood, and Romeu are your highest scoring midfielders, and until Riccy P returns, your defence is basically Reece James…that is no beuno.



Current Record: 2-1-8 (10TH)

Final Record: 15-1-22

It’s okay for two of your players to underperform. Unless those two players are your first and second round draft picks. That is the fate that has befallen Salt and Pepe with Aubameyang and Martial, and it has left the team with just one premium asset in the form of James Maddison. It’s also a bit of an issue when Arsenal centre-back Gabriel is your highest scoring player at 53 points, and Liverpool’s rotation-risk forward Diogo Jota is your second highest. The club is one of only two in which the manager is based away outside of the fine English shores, and the potential time difference may explain the poor performance so far. It’s a strange one though because unlike most teams, there aren’t two or three names that I think are worthless. Just a lot of…meh. Star quality is desperately needed.



Current Record: 5-0-6 (6TH)

Final Record: 15-0-23

Recent research from Fantrax University (abbreviated to FU, obviously) has found there to be a significant linear relationship between misguided club loyalty and fantasy football performance. Take note, Northfield Nippers; owner of Azpilicueta, Kovacic, Hudson-Odoi, Christensen, and Marcos Alonso. (Yes, you read those last two correctly). I saw Genie talking about the dream stacking of Chelsea players earlier this week. I’m not sure this is what he had in mind. This is a team with only four players averaging over 3.7 points per game. One of them is Patrick ‘It Ain’t Lasting’ Bamford. To be fair, the other three are Zaha, Bruno Fernandes, and Riyad Mahrez. So I guess that explains where the 10 projected wins for the rest of the season are coming from. A squad overhaul is required.



Current Record: 5-0-6 (7TH)

Final Record:: 11-2-25

Great team name, not so great team. In fact, I’m projecting just six more wins the rest of the season for Pique – that’s the price you pay in fantasy football for prioritising defence over attack. Robertson and TAA is as good as it gets at the back…but it’s not going to hit the heights of last season. Like Salt and Pepe, this squad lacks a superstar (defenders cannot be superstars, though if they could, TAA would be one) and has too many Nigel Mediocre players (10 points for knowing that reference). The midfield has just four names currently averaging over 3.5 and three of them – Fornals, Townsend, and Walcott – probably won’t be starting for their clubs by January. Ruben Neves (2.73 FP/G) is also somehow on the books, despite a FA list containing Trossard, Conor Gallagher, and Trezeguet. Thank god this team can rely on Firmino, Neto, and Welbeck up top…oh wait.


West London Premier League



Current Record: 5-2-4 (6TH)

Final Record: 25-2-11

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the winners of the West London Premier League: THE POWER RANGERS!!! Yes, that’s right, the team who started the season with one win from their opening seven games has gone on a surge to shock the world and take home the trophy. It all starts with that man Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder – as we saw in their game against Southampton – is basically all United have right now. It’s all they’ve had since he arrived to be honest; save for the occasional blitz from Rashford and Greenwood. But the Rangers have also managed to stack a formidable Chelsea trio in James, Mount, and Ziyech. I don’t think anyone saw Lampard’s men doing what they are currently doing (best expected points in the league and best XGA too), and I think many are still underappreciating them, presuming that they will fall back. Guess what? They won’t. And The Power Rangers are going to ride three of their best all the way to glory.



Current Record: 7-0-4 (2ND)

Final Record: 25-0-13

Heartbreak for the Gators, as they miss out on the title thanks to the rarely seen fantasy football draws that Power Rangers manged. One more win would have done it, but you can’t lay the blame at the talented feet of Salah, Mahrez, or Abraham – the trio make up the best forward group in the division. Yes, even with Abraham currently benched, the Chelsea man remains valuable – particularly in leagues with deep benches like this one. When Lampard rotates – and he rotates as much as anyone – faith in Abraham will pay dividends. What will ultimately cost the Gators is a midfield of Bowen, Gross, and Matheus Pereira…and those are the best of the bunch! In fairness, those three are good assets to have, but for a Championship winning side, they are your supporting cast, not your lead actors. The manager is apparently averse to the trade life, but offering Aurier and one of those MIDS for West Ealing Wanderers’ JWP could be a win-win for both camps (the Wanderers own Doherty and are not short in terms of midfielders, btw).



Current Record: 9-0-2 (1ST)

Final Record: 25-0-13

Speaking of the West Ealing Wanderers, the current league leaders and reigning champions will likely be disappointed to finish 3rd, but like the Gators, they make it a helluva title race for all the neutrals. As I’ve just mentioned – the midfield is loaded: Tielemans, JWP (soon to be of the Glenmore Gators), Barkley, Podence, Jota, and of course, the main man, Kevin De Bruyne. Anyone with KDB will be up there challenging – the man is a fantasy football cheat code. But he can’t (quite) do it on his own, and right now the Wanderers aren’t giving him enough support in defence or attack. A lot rests on Ruben Dias and Podence maintaining their decent starts to the season, and the hope that Raphinha and Haller can do the business now that they’re in the starting 11’s. I’m not saying this won’t happen, but I wouldn’t be confident enough to put any money on it!



Current Record: 7-0-4 (3RD)

Final Record: 24-0-14

100% sits 3rd thanks predominantly to the exploits of DCL and Zouma. DCL is a poor man’s Son – and that’s not meant in a disrespectful way. I mean ‘poor’ purely in comparison to the superstar Spurs man, like how Sainsbury’s is a poor man’s Waitrose; it’s all relative. It could be worse, he could be Lidl (Jordan Ayew?). Anyway, injuries are currently hurting this team hard. Castagne, Antonio, Cavani, ASM, Ndombele, Martial…the next few fixtures could be tough, which makes it’s a bad time for the first midweek gameweek of the season! Still, when fit, this squad is very good. In fact, I rank it as the equal best defence in the division, with Cancelo, Creswell, Telles, Castagne, and that man Zouma. It’s said that defence wins championships. Unfortunately for 100% My Team on Paper, that is not true in the world of fantasy football.



Current Record: 6-1-4 (4TH)

Final Record: 23-1-14

Apparently the Sizzlers manager once described this league as “a religion to me”. Well in that case, God help him for having Jonny Evans, Thomas Partey, and Bertrand Traore in this squad and thank the Lord for having the trio of Chilwell, Ings, and Mane. It’s a good team with underperformers in the likes of Aubameyang, Maddison, and Boly, and if these guys can return to their former selves, perhaps Sizzlers can surprise me and make the leap to being a title challenger. They could also do with finding some spark in the midfield. Currently, Hojbjerg has the highest FP/G there at just 3.73. Ashley Westwood isn’t exactly the answer, but in comparison to Thomas Partey the Burnley man looks like Xavi. Oh, and he’s a free agent. Also a FA is Grady Diangana. He’s been disappointing since that big week 2 haul against Everton, but with Pereira suspended and Newcastle up next, the West Brom man could be set to shine.



Current Record: 6-0-5 (5TH)

Final Record: 20-0-18

Falling a spot from now to the end of the season is Harrow View Harriers. It will no doubt come as a disappointment for the Harriers, who go from mid-table mediocrity, to slightly lower mid-table mediocrity. As someone with two Southampton, two Wolves, and an Arsenal player in their team, they should be accustomed to the position. Scrap that, the Arsenal player would cut off his own hand for mid-table mediocrity right now. Moving on. It’s a mixed bag for the club, as they boast probably the second best front line in the division, arguably the second worst defence in the division, and, quite fittingly, a middle of the road midfield. Taking a closer look at the defence – which consists of eight players including the likes of Kilman, David Luiz, Rodon, and Neco Williams – it would be interesting to know the strategy here. When the midfield has only Armstrong and Zaha as guaranteed starters, it seems strange to overload so much at the back.



Current Record: 5-1-5 (7TH)

Final Record: 13-1-24

Ah, we’ve made it to the dross. Best of a very bad bunch is Osterley Giants who will be constantly looking over their shoulders at possible relegation, rather than entertaining any thoughts of climbing the table. Gotta feel for Harry Kane being a part of this mess. The early front-runner for MVP is carrying this team more than Samwise carried Frodo. The England captain leads the way with 104 points and has played 984 out of 990 minutes this season. Only once has he ended the season with an FP/G north of 7 (it’s currently 9.5) and the 10 assists that he has so far come from just 4.3 expected assists. Long story short; this isn’t sustainable. Fortunately, if Kane’s form does dip, Osterley can turn to…*scans team*…*continues scanning*…Just kidding. Kind of. They do have James Rodriguez, Callum Wilson, and Kalvin Phillips. But after that, it’s like Sam Allardyce checking his job applications: reject, reject, reject…



Current Record: 2-0-9 (9TH)

Final Record: 12-1-25

Talking of one-man teams, here we have another, with Jack Grealish averaging almost 3.5 points more than his next closest teammate John Stones. And yes, you are correct in thinking that John Stones having the second highest FP/G is also an issue. England’s Euro 2021 hero (Grealish, not Stones) is absolutely balling this season and will single-handedly keep the Wizards in the division, much like he kept Aston Villa in the Premier League IRL last season. It’s an interesting decision to be holding Dele Alli, Luke Shaw, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. And when I say ‘interesting’, I actually mean, ‘ridiculous’. Almost as ridiculous as the defence, which contains eight names; none of which are any good. The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ comes to mind.



Current Record: 5-0-6 (8TH)

Final Record: 12-0-26

For some teams the jump up from the Championship is just too big, and that’s the case with Willian Dollar Baby who last just one season in the top flight. Just making it to the Premier League is an achievement though, and one that the manager – as a Brentford fan – will surely understand. That Brentford love explains why Watkins and Benrahma make up a deep forward contingent, though Watkins has actually been the team’s second best player this season behind Son Heung-Min. Benrahma, on the other hand, needs to do something soon to justify his place. Speaking of hybrid midfielder-forwards (of which this roster contains six!!) that could be shown the door, we have both Jordan Ayew and Helder Costa. With Palace and Leeds getting good wins in gameweek 12 in the absence of this pair, it could be a while before they hold any fantasy value. Similarly, Leicester scored their winner after replacing Ayoze Perez, so his return may have been brief. Might be time to make some changes – league status could depend on it.



Current Record: 1-0-10 (10TH)

Final Record: 8-1-29

What to say about Bend It Like Beckham Jr? I’m loving the name. Erm….I think that’s it. If this squad was the COVID vaccine I would decline it. Okay, enough criticism; let’s try to fix this monstrosity. For starters, we’ll bin the Brighton boys. I’m a fan of Graham Potter, and the Seagulls are better than their league position suggests, but from a fantasy perspective, we can definitely upgrade. Coufal, Doucoure, Tarkowski, Ayling, Cash, Lookman, Cairney, and Westwood all fit the bill here. I’d probably let Nathan Ake go too. Pepe has sunk to a new low of late, which is not great from a trade value perspective, but anything that could be got for him might be worth taking…would relegation rival Willian Dollar Baby fancy the handcuff? Someone who could have trade value, though, is Theo Walcott. The youngster is probably on the verge of losing his spot in the Southampton starting 11, but with a 4.29 FP/G, someone will surely take a punt on him. Make all those changes, hope Aguero and Pulisic stay injury free for the rest of the season, pray Mings and Alderweireld continue their good form, and they might – might – not finish bottom. They’ll still get relegated though. Obviously.


Gameweek 12 Suggested Lineups and Predictions

GW12 Premier League

GW12 Championship


The Big Questions That Need Answering

West Ealing Wanderers vs Bend It Like Beckham Jr.

Man, if only you knew whether Jota would start – that would save you having to make the decision between Haller and Raphinha. The Leeds man just about edges it for me, but it’s so close. FFScout having Aurier starting over Doherty, despite his minor injury issue, so you may consider playing it safe and going with Ruben Dias. I’d take the City defender over Coady given that you own Rashford and, against bottom of the table, can afford to play it very safe.

It’s highly unlikely that Aguero starts, but if he does, then he comes in for RLC. Similarly, I can’t see Foden starting either, but again, I’d take him over Wijnaldum if that does happen.


100% My Team On Paper vs The Power Rangers

ASM being fit would be HUGE for you this weekend; have him at 50% and FFScout don’t have him in their predicted lineup. He would come in for Fabinho if that happens. A Fabio Silva start could also be big, and I’d take a punt on the unproven Wolves man over Rodrigo if possible.

First of all, Pope has to be dropped for a defender or forward in order to field 11 starters. Secondly, it’s a very risky game going with Trossard here (Brighton are the last match of the weekend) but there isn’t really an alternative unless Bernardo Silva gets a surprise start. I think after the defeat to Southampton, Potter may be tempted to bring back in arguably his best player, but dropping DVB or Jimenez for another Brighton player just in case would make sense.


Willian Dollar Baby vs Dirty Wizards

The starting spots of Laca and Willian are precarious, and with Arsenal the penultimate game of the weekend, you have a decision to make; I’d be dropping de Gea for Nketiah to ensure I have the backup. The rest is fairly set in stone, with March a possible consideration over Rice, though I’d be sticking with the West Ham man personally.

Tough to bench Konsa, but I’m all in on double Southampton defense against the toothless blades, and Tierney at home to Burnley is also preferable. Bringing the Villa center-back in for Stones is also a tempting option, particularly as if Pep drops Stones, the only alternative is Lindelof. I’d risk it though; only because your opponent has two United defenders, so the Lindelof fallback isn’t that bad.


Harrow View Harriers vs Glenmore Gators

Okay, so let’s overhaul this whole bench, bar maybe Walker. Next decision is whether to risk Harvey Barnes starts for Leicester. If he doesn’t, you’re stuck. But in that bench overhaul you could pick up a Brighton and Leicester play to cover yourself if this happens.

I’m doing it. I’m going with Pogba. I’ve just got a hunch that Ole will do what he always does and wangle something from the game against City, and it’ll be that man he pops up in the big game. If you don’t share my faith, Zambo is your man. Elsewhere, there’s the Aurier risk…I think Jose is going through a phase of liking the right back at the moment, but who knows. Coleman (vs Chelsea) and Mendy (vs United…if he starts) aren’t exactly enticing alternatives.


Osterley Giants vs Si Sizzler’s

Keane vs Dendoncker vs Laporte is the question in defence. I’m going for the Wolves man, but Laporte would be tempting if he were guaranteed to start. You’d imagine Giroud will keep his place in the team, but anything is possible with Lampard, and if he is dropped, it creates a bit of a headache. Releasing Thiago for a replacement would probably be my decision.

Arguably the toughest decision in the league this weekend is Neto or Aubameyang, and I’ve perhaps surprisingly gone for the underperforming Arsenal man – I just can’t not back him against Burnley. Starting Ndidi and/or Evans would enter my thinking if Leicester weren’t the last game. Unfortunately they are, so it doesn’t.


Salt and Pepe vs Pique Blinders

Another who would love to know if Jota is starting. If he does, then Cairney can say hello to the bench. The Fulham’s man spot in his IRL team is also in doubt, and if both he and Jota don’t start, then there’s a bit of an issue that only dipping into free agency will solve.

Walcott’s starting spot is probably safe for another game or two, but if he does miss out, then Welbeck should come in. In defence, it’s very tempting to bring in Tierney to cancel the potential Gabriel clean sheet for your opponent. Not sure for who though…maybe Henderson or Fornals…or just hope Burnley can score?


TW8 Twizzlers vs Bradford & Hove Albion

I have Shelvey over Tarkowski as probably the biggest decision in this one. It’s not that big a surprise, given that the Newcastle man takes on West Brom, whilst the Burnley man takes on an equally relegation-threatened team in Arsenal. If Foden is given a chance by Pep, I’d bring him in for Wijnaldum.

I have AWB in there currently, but if Laporte returns to the City lineup, I’d swap the two around (I know Ole has a good record against City, but I just can’t back United in this one). Jonny Evans or Ben White wins the prize for most unfashionable decision of the weekend. Going for the defender from the better team.


Pitshanger Pacers vs Northfield Nippers

Traore in Dugout scoring is not the God that Traore is in Fantrax, but alas, I’ve gone for him over Ndidi or Rodrigo. These two defensive midfielders could also make a case for coming in for Semedo, whilst FFScout predict Maupay to get the nod up top for Brighton. These are all options, but I’m sticking with what I have here.

Gundogan might not be fit, and if that’s the case, you need to hope Kovacic gets a rare start. If not, I’m afraid that backup goalkeeper might have to be released (or heaven forbid, one of the third string Chelsea players currently at home on the bench). I’ve got a funny feeling Henderson might start ahead of de Gea this weekend, and if he does, I’d be tempted to take him over Pope. That seems made given that they face City, but it would be written in the stars for him to then go and get a clean sheet.


Deluxe FC vs Glenmore Horns

Ashley Westwood or Willian wasn’t a decision that you thought you’d have to contemplate at the start of the season, but it’s a legitimate one now. I’d go for the Arsenal man…I think (though, equally, I would not be disappointed if Arteta makes the decision for me by dropping the winger). Moutinho or Soucek is another question, but I think Soucek is the safer bet.

Back to the ‘will Aurier start’ choice. If he doesn’t start, then there’s options in Hojbjerg (1st choice) and Gross (2nd choice). Klich, Rice, and Walker make up decent backups on the bench – unfortunately two of them are in the Friday kickoffs, which won’t help matters if there’s a surprise drop on the weekend. You could always play it safe and start one of them (Klich, probably).


Killers In The Mist vs Tickle My Chestnuts

A pretty straightforward lineup this one, in part because five of the bench probably won’t start. RLC would be my first choice to come in if there is anyone missing, with Greenwood obviously second. The biggest issue is if any of the defenders are dropped.

You thought Killers In The Mist’s bench was rough, it’s nothing on yours given all the injuries. Which means having to start Aguero and Abraham – two players very unlikely to start. Fortunately, you can imagine they’ll both come on, but still, I think I’d prefer to go and get a starter on the free agent list. The issue is who to release, as outside of Alisson they all have value (hint: drop Alisson). Like for 100% My Team On Paper, ASM being fit enough to start would solve a lot of problems here.


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