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CFF Group of Five Rankings, Plus Getting Started in College Fantasy Football

My CFF: On Campus partner, Justin Heisey, published his Power Five-only rankings recently and inspired me to break out my own CFF Rankings for the Group of Five Conferences (AAC, C-USA, MAC, Mountain West, and Sun Belt) as well as the Independent programs.

If playing in a league with 130 teams is daunting or the Power Five seems mundane, it is time to get off the sideline and into a College Fantasy Football Group of Five league. How do you join? On the best website for fantasy sports in the industry: Fantrax. It is the preeminent platform in the Universe to play in a Group of Five alliance.

Let me provide some parameters to make the season more entertaining for the upcoming CFF crusade. I would create a 10-team league with PPR-scoring and a SuperFlex format (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, and 1 Flex). It keeps the waiver wire bountiful and allows less experienced players an opportunity to learn all the Group of Five schools and players. College Football diehards like myself can play in a Best Ball or Group of Five Cash leagues this season on Fantrax.

In order to open the curtain on a new-fangled endeavor, I have provided CFF rankings for 25 quarterbacks, 25 running backs, 25 wide receivers, 10 tight ends and Top 50 Overall. I also added Twitter on Fire responses and Top Five lists for your perusal.

Sign up now! You will not regret the decision…I promise.

Enjoy my fellow fantasy fanatics.

2019 CFF Rankings

Top 25 Quarterbacks

25Collin HillColorado State
24Henry MalikNevada
23Deondre FrancisFAU
22Jon WissinkWestern Michigan
21Woody BarrettKent State
20Stephen CalvertLiberty
19Brady WhiteMemphis
18Shai WertsGeorgia Southern
17Mitchell GuadagniToledo
16Ian BookNotre Dame
15Desmond RidderCincinnati
14Armani RogersUNLV
13Blake BarnettUSF
12Malcolm PerryNavy
11Kelvin Hopkins Jr.Army
10Zac ThomasAppalachian State
9Shane BuecheleSMU
8D. Mack/B. WimbushUCF
7Mason FineNorth Texas
6Caleb EvansUL-Monroe
5Jordan LoveUtah State
4Cole McDonaldHawaii
3Nathan RourkeOhio
2Holton AhlersEast Carolina
1D'Eriq KingHouston


Top 25 Running Backs

25Torrance MarableCoastal Carolina
24Gerold BrightUtah State
23Kevin MensahUConn
22Andrew Van BurenBoise State
21Caleb HuntleyBall State
20Ronnie RiversFresno State
19Trey RagasULLaf
18Shamari BrooksTulsa
17B.J. SmithTroy
16Jordan CronkriteUSF
15Brenden KnoxMarshall
14Elijah MitchellULLaf
13Marcel MurrayArkansas State
12LeVante BellamyWestern Michigan
11Jaret PattersonBuffalo
10Greg McCraeUCF
9Jafar ArmstrongNotre Dame
8Bryant KobackToledo
7Benny LeMayCharlotte
6Spencer BrownUAB
5Darrynton EvansAppalachian State
4DeAndre TorreyNorth Texas
3Juwan WashingtonSan Diego State
2Patrick Taylor, Jr.Memphis
1Michael Warren, IICincinnati


Top 25 Wide Receivers

1Marquez StevensonHouston
2Cedric Byrd, IIHawaii
3James ProcheSMU
4Antonio Gandy-GoldenLiberty
5Warren JacksonColorado State
6Damonte CoxieMemphis
7JoJo WardHawaii
8Rico Bussey, Jr.North Texas
9Corey SuttonAppalachian State
10Ty LeeMiddle Tennessee
11Kawaan BakerSouth Alabama
12Adrian HardyLouisiana Tech
13Kirk MerrittArkansas State
14John HightowerBoise State
15Courtney LarkHouston
16Chase ClaypoolNotre Dame
17Gabriel DavisUCF
18Keith CorbinHouston
19Reggie Roberson, Jr.SMU
20Randall St. FelixUSF
21Obi ObialoMarshall
22Eric KumahOld Dominion
23Keylon StokesTulsa
24Romeo DoubsNevada
25Melquise StovallHawaii


Top 10 Tight Ends

1Harrison BryantFAU
2Mitchell WilcoxUSF
3Matt BushmanBYU
4Jared RiceFresno State
5Josiah DeguaraCincinnati
6Cole KmetNotre Dame
7Joey MagnificoMemphis
8Tyler DavisGeorgia Tech
9Kelvin SmithNorth Texas
10Kylen GransonSMU


Top 50 Overall

50QB Ian BookNotre Dame
49TE Mitchell WilcoxUSF
48WRChase ClaypoolNotre Dame
47RBJordan CronkriteUSF
46RB Brenden KnoxMarshall
45RB Elijah MitchellULLaf
44QB Desmond RidderCincinnati
43WR Courtney LarkHouston
42WRJohn HightowerBoise State
41RB Marcel MurrayArkansas State
40RBLeVante BellamyWestern Michigan
39QB Armani RogersUNLV
38WR Kirk MerrittArkansas State
37TE Harrison BryantFAU
36WR Adrian HardyLouisiana Tech
35WR Kawaan BakerSouth Alabama
34QB Blake BarnettUSF
33QB Malcolm PerryNavy
32QBKelvin HopkinsArmy
31RBJaret PattersonBuffalo
30RB Greg McCraeUCF
29RB Jafar ArmstrongNotre Dame
28WRTy LeeMiddle Tennessee
27WR Corey SuttonAppalachian State
26RB Bryant KobackToledo
25QB Zac ThomasAppalachian State
24QB Shane BuecheleSMU
23RB Benny LeMayCharlotte
22WRRico BusseyNorth Texas
21WRJoJo WardHawaii
20QBD. Mack/B. WimbushUCF
19WR DamonTEMemphis
18WR Warren JacksonColorado State
17RB Spencer BrownUAB
16RB Darrynton EvansAppalachian State
15RB DeAndre TorreyNorth Texas
14WRAntonio Gandy-GoldenLiberty
13WR James ProcheSMU
12WR Cedric Byrd, IIHawaii
11QB Mason FineNorth Texas
10QB Caleb EvansUL-Monroe
9RB Juwan WashingtonSan Diego State
8WRMarquez StevensonHouston
7QB Jordan LoveUtah State
6QB Cole McDonaldHawaii
5RBPatrick Taylor, Jr.Memphis
4RBMichael Warren, IICincinnati
3QB Nathan RourkeOhio
2QB Holton AhlersEast Carolina
1QBD’Eriq KingHouston


Twitter on Fire: CFF Diehards respond to a variety of questions.

Among the following, identify the finest Group of Five triple-option QB in College Fantasy Football:

  1. Werts, GA Southern 27%
  2. Hopkins, Army 25%
  3. Perry, Navy 43%

Hammond/Sanders Air Force 5%

Total Votes: 44

John’s Vote: K. Hopkins


Among the following, identify the best Group of Five QB in College Fantasy Football:

  1. Love, Utah State 24%
  2. Rourke, Ohio 28%
  3. Fine, North Texas 16%
  4. McDonald, Hawaii 32%

Total Votes: 68

John’s Vote: J. Love


Among the following, identify the top Group of Five RB in College Fantasy Football:

  1. LeMay, Charlotte 11%
  2. Evans, App. State 35%
  3. Torrey, North Texas 34%
  4. Cronkrite, USF 20%

Total Votes: 74

John’s Vote: D. Torrey

Ready to give College Fantasy Football a go? Head on over to to see what it’s all about.

Top 5 Power Five Rankings by John


Top 5 Offenses (Points per game in ‘18)

  1. Houston (43.9)
  2. Memphis (42.9)
  3. Utah State (47.5)
  4. Appalachian State (37.3)
  5. UCF (43.2)


Top 5 Defenses (Points per game in ‘18)

  1. Fresno State (13.7)
  2. Cincinnati (16.1)
  3. Notre Dame (17.3)
  4. Appalachian State (15.7)
  5. Army (18.0)


Top 5 Coaches

  1. Jeff Tedford, Fresno State
  2. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame
  3. Dana Holgorsen, Houston
  4. Jeff Monken, Army
  5. Luke Fickell, Cincinnati


Top 5 Group of Five Games

  1. Houston at UCF, Nov. 2
  2. SMU at Arkansas State, Aug. 31
  3. Fresno State at Hawaii, Nov. 2
  4. Houston at North Texas, Sept. 28
  5. Appalachian State at Louisiana, Oct. 9


Top 5 QB Transfers

  1. Shane Buechele, Texas to SMU
  2. Zac Smith, Baylor to Tulsa
  3. Deondre Francis, Florida State to FAU
  4. Brandon Wimbush, Notre Dame to UCF
  5. Quinten Dormady, Houston to Central Michigan


Top 6 RB/WR Transfers

  1. WR Jalen McClesky, Oklahoma State to Tulane
  2. WR Nate Craig-Myers, Auburn to Colorado State
  3. RB Ty’Son Williams, South Carolina to BYU
  4. WR Eric Kumah, Virginia Tech to Old Dominion
  5. RB Trey Smith, Louisville to Wyoming
  6. RB Kyle Porter, Texas to Houston

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