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2021 Fantrax HQ Fantasy EPL Draft Kit

Welcome to the 2021 Fantrax HQ Fantasy EPL Draft Kit! Below you will find links to all the content and analysis you could ever need to dominate the 2021 Draft Premier League season.

Our EPL Draft Kit will feature the all-important Draft Rankings, as well as a bunch of strategy-based articles to help you look at Fantasy EPL in ways you haven’t thought of! Our League Setup articles help you out with the admin side of Fantrax.

This content is provided by the official Fantrax HQ EPL content providers The Draft Society. Head over to their 21/22 Draft Kit for even more league-winning information that will help you crush your competition!

Bookmark this page, and dominate your Fantasy EPL league this season!

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2021 Fantrax HQ Fantasy EPL Draft Kit

If the content below is not linked, it means it is yet to come. Don’t forget to head over to The Draft Society for the biggest EPL Draft Kit ever produced!


Fantasy EPL Draft Rankings

Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Forwards | Top 150 Ranks 

Tiered Rankings Cheat Sheet


Fantasy EPL 101

Fantasy EPL 101 – How to Play Draft Premier League

Updated Fantrax Fantasy EPL Scoring System 21/22

Fantasy EPL Player Position Changes 21/22

Six Reasons To Play Draft Premier League on Fantrax 

A Draft League Constitution Template


Fantasy EPL Draft Strategy

Fantasy EPL Draft Strategy: Winning On The Fantasy Pitch

Constructing The Perfect Fantrax Fantasy EPL Trade 

The Stacking Strategy Part 1

The Stacking Strategy Part 2

Flexibility is King in Fantasy EPL

Making Your Own Draft Rankings

What to Do While You Wait For Your Draft Pick?

What To Expect From This Years Promoted Players

Draft Society Staff ‘Do Not Draft’ List

A Starting 11 of Sleepers

Drafting For First or Last, Not Mid-Table


Fantasy EPL League Setup

Walkthrough Guide To Fantasy EPL on Fantrax: League Setup 

Walkthrough Guide To Fantasy EPL on Fantrax: Weekly Management 

Choosing a Fantasy EPL Setup for Your Fantrax League 

Season-Long Draft Leagues for Draft Dabblers

Auction, Rotisserie, and Category Leagues for the Draft Dedicated

Keeper & Dynasty Leagues for Draft Devotees

Picking Your Fantasy EPL Draft Type on Fantrax 

A Guide To Using FAAB In Your Fantrax League

Seven Ways To Keep Your Fantrax Fantasy EPL League Active 

Three Tips For A Successful Fantasy EPL Experience

Commissioners Corner


More Fantasy EPL Fun

The 12 Types of Fantrax Fantasy Soccer Managers 

The 12 Types of Fantrax Fantasy Soccer Gameweeks 

The 12 Things Guaranteed to Happen on Draft Day


Check out The Draft Society’s 21/22 Draft Kit for all the draft prep you would ever need! Draft Rankings, Team Previews, Strategy, Draft 101, and so much more!!


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