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2021 Fantasy Tight End Depth Charts: AFC North

For the next installment of Fantrax’s fantasy tight end depth charts, we’re going to delve into the AFC North. I’ve already ranked the top 30 fantasy tight ends in the NFL, but why not break this down by division? Between the Ravens, Bengals, Browns, and Steelers, there’s really only one TE worth drafting.

Much like the running back, the tight end position is a scarce fantasy asset. It’s for this reason that my favorite strategy is to draft a running back with my first 4 picks…regardless of league style (redraft, dynasty, etc.). I aim to find value at other positions like WR and QB because if I miss on a bet at those positions, I can always trade one of my RBs for a roster weakness during the season. With my 5th pick, that’s when I take the TE. You have to hit on your TE, or else your streaming one every week. After TE10, your options really fall off. Let’s get into it.

AFC North Tight End Depth Chart


TE3: Mark Andrews

Remember that one tight end worth drafting in this division? Yeah, this is the guy. He finished TE4 last year, with over 700 yards receiving and 7TDs. Honestly, it wasn’t his best year, and I’m not sure it will get better statistically with Sammy Watkins and Rashod Bateman being added into the mix. I’m making the bet that it will help his production as he was essentially the unquestioned WR1 of the Ravens passing attack. If he falls to you in the 7th or 8th round, pull the trigger. Otherwise, I’d try and find value later in the draft.


No TE in my top 30 rankings.


TE29: Austin Hooper

He was TE22 last year with 4TD and 400+ yards. However, OBJ is going to be back in the mix. Landry will get his catches. Hunt will get his catches. Hooper is certainly not the go to of this offense. The only reason I have him in my top 30 is because contract year Baker Mayfield is going to sling it. Catch Hooper on the waiver wire.


TE16: Eric Ebron

He was TE14 last year with 550 yards and 5TDs. I have no reason to believe he’ll be any different this year. I’m also slightly scared of Pat Freiermuth. He’s been getting rave reviews and it’s not like Ebron lit the world on fire last year. There’s potential for Pat to take some snap share away from Ebron this year. I have Ebron ranked TE16, but I’m not particular confident about it. Ebron falls in the don’t draft bucket.

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